Bluei Massive 4 Review

Bluei Massive 4
Bluei Massive 4


Last month, Bluei launched a new headphone Massive 4 in India. The company claims that the headphone is for students and working professionals who have to attend online classes and videos calls. Obviously, one will expect good music as well. I got a chance to test this headphone and see if it is worth buying. So, here is my review of Bluei Massive 4.

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Bluei Massive 4 Review

Bluei Massive 4 is a compact and lightweight headphone. It has all plastic built with a metallic finish to give it a premium feel. The headband has faux leather at the upper portion and foam inside for softness. Ear cups also have soft cushions for comfort. Certainly, the headphone is comfortable even if you use it for a long time. Earcups can be folded inside for easy portability. You can also adjust the headband height by pulling ear cups down or pushing to the upside.

One of the earcups has 4 buttons for power/mode, play/pause/call, next track/volume up, and previous track/volume down. There’s also a micro USB port to charge it and an aux port to use it as a wired headphone. At the top side of the same ear cup, there’s a TF card slot to include a microSD card slot. So, you can insert a microSD card full of your songs and listen to music without pairing this headphone with your phone or laptop.

Ear cups are not marked with L or R signs. I thought the earcup with control buttons should be on the left side. Keeping that on the right will make it hard to access the buttons. But I was wrong. After doing a stereo sound test, I found that the earcup with buttons is the right one. In that case, buttons move to the front. It won’t be comfortable to reach and press buttons at this position. Volume and track control buttons also work differently. A single press of these buttons skips the song while long press increases or decreases the volume.

Bluei massive 4

If I summarize, I liked the build quality and comfortable experience of Bluei Massive 4 headphone but didn’t like the position of the control buttons.

Bluei Massive 4 comes with 40-mm neodymium speaker drivers that impress. I really liked the sound quality this headphone delivers. It delivers a balanced sound with good bass. The headphone can be too loud on the max volume. Most people won’t go beyond the 75% volume level. The output is well balanced.

When you are using the headphone for listening to songs or calls, you are unlikely to get disturbed by other sounds. So, you can focus on songs or calls without any disturbance. The headphone also leaks sound at loud volume, so a person sitting close to you may also listen to what you are listening.

The headphone also features a microphone for calling. Even if the company users the microphone as the key feature of the headphone, the calling experience isn’t good. The microphone does not capture audio properly. Your sound will be low on the other side of the call. You will be audible, but not as good as you expect.

Bluei massive 4

There’s a 3.5 mm audio port, so you can also use this headphone as a wired headphone. This is useful when the headphone is not charged but you want to use it. Just plug the aux cable. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the aux cable separately as Bluei isn’t proving one within the box.

The headphone also has a TF card slot. As soon as you put the microSD card in the slot, it switches to TF mode and starts playing music files stored on the card. You can use the media control buttons of the headphone to control playback and skip tracks.

The company promises up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. Certainly, this headphone doesn’t even offer close to what the company claims. I was getting only 7-8 hours of music playback on almost half of the volume. Battery backup is good considering the pricing of this product but lesser than what is promised. If you use it on a higher volume level, it will further go down. The headphone takes around 1.5 hours in charging.

Wrap Up

Bluei Massive 4 headphone is a feature-rich headphone that delivers good sound. It is a Bluetooth headphone that can also be used as a wired headphone. it also has a TF card slot to use the headphone independently. The headphone also has a mic but that is average and not suitable for calls. If you are looking for a good headphone in less than Rs. 1500 and can compromise with the mic quality, you can consider this headphone.

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Bluei Massive 4

7.8 Score

"Bluei Massive 4 offers good sound and has extra input options to look different from competitors."

The Good

  • Nice build
  • Good sound
  • Extra Input methods

The Bad

  • Average Mic
  • Battery backup isn't as per claim


  • Design and build 60%
  • Sound 80%
  • Features 75%
  • Battery 75%
  • Value for money 75%