Mobile processors ranking: 2022

Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Snapdragon

If you care for performance in a smartphone, you should look at the processor the smartphone comes with. This is the reason people usually want to know about the processor and its performance. While comparing two smartphones, people mostly compare the mobile processor to have an idea of what phone will offer better performance. There are several benchmark tests to rate the performance of a processor. So, you can compare their benchmark scores to know what processor will perform better. We have looked at benchmark scores of different processors and prepared a list of Smartphone Processor rankings. This list keeps getting regular updates. This ranking is based on a performance high to low. If a mobile processor ranks better, it has a better performance.

What is a mobile SoC?

SoC is called System on Chip. SoC is a single chip that includes CPU, GPU, Modem, AI cores, and ISP. This is the reason it should be called a mobile platform in place of a mobile CPU. People usually refer to SoC as a mobile processor or Mobile platform.

Best Mobile Processor List

RankSoc NameCoresGPU Name
1A15 Bionic6Apple GPU
2Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 18Adreno 730
3Dimensity 90008Mali-G710
4Snapdragon 8 Gen 18Adreno 730
5A14 Bionic6Apple GPU
6Snapdragon 888 Plus8Adreno 660
7Exynos 22008Samsung Xclipse 920
8Snapdragon 8888Adreno 660
9Dimensity 81008Mali-G610 MC6
10Tensor8Mali-G78 MP20
11Kirin 90008Mali-G78 MP24
12Exynos 21008Mali-G78 MP14
13A13 Bionic6Apple A13 Bionic GPU
14Snapdragon 8708Adreno 650
15Exynos 10808Mali-G78 MP10
16Snapdragon 865 Plus8Adreno 650
17Dimensity 12008Mali-G77 MC9
18Kirin 9000E8Mali-G78 MP22
19Snapdragon 8658Adreno 650
20Dimensity 11008Mali-G77 MC9
21Exynos 9908Mali-G77 MP11
22Dimensity 1000 Plus8Mali-G77 MC9
23A12 Bionic6Apple A12 Bionic GPU
24Snapdragon 8608Adreno 640
25Snapdragon 855 Plus8Adreno 640
26Kirin 990 (5G)8Mali G76 MP16
27Snapdragon 778G Plus8Adreno 642L
28Snapdragon 780G8Adreno 642
29Snapdragon 8558Adreno 640
30Snapdragon 778G8Adreno 642L
31Kirin 990 (4G)8Mali G76 MP16
32Dimensity 9208Mali-G68 MC4
33Exynos 98208Mali G76 MP12
34Dimensity 10008Mali-G77 MP9
35Exynos 98258Mali G76 MP12
36Dimensity 1000L8Mali-G77 MC9
37Exynos 12808Mali-G68
38Kirin 9858Mali-G77 MP8
39Kirin 9808Mali G76 MP10
40Kirin 8208Mali-G57 MP6
41Dimensity 8208Mali-G57 MC5
42Dimensity 9008Mali-G68 MC4
43Snapdragon 768G8Adreno 620
44Snapdragon 8458Adreno 630
45Snapdragon 6958Adreno 619
46A11 Bionic6Apple GPU
47Exynos 98108Mali-G72MP18
48Exynos 9808Mali G76 MP5
49Snapdragon 765G8Adreno 620
50Dimensity 800U8Mali-G57 MC3
51Snapdragon 7658Adreno 620
52Dimensity 8108Mali-G57 MC2
53Snapdragon 750G8Adreno 619
54Kirin 8108Mali-G52 MP6
55Dimensity 8008Mali-G57 MC4
56Snapdragon 732G8Adreno 618
57Exynos 8808Mali G76 MP5
58Snapdragon 480 Plus8Adreno 619
59Dimensity 7008Mali-G57 MC2
60Dimensity 7208Mali-G57 MC3
61Snapdragon 720G8Adreno 618
62Helio G958Mali-G76 3EEMC4
63Snapdragon 6908Adreno 619L
64Helio G908Mali-G76 MC4
65Snapdragon 730G8Adreno 618
66Helio G968Mali G57 MC2
67Snapdragon 8358Adreno 540
68Snapdragon 7308Adreno 618
69Helio G90T8Mali-G76 MC4
70A10 Fusion4PowerVR GT7600
71Snapdragon 4808Adreno 619
72Kirin 9708Mali G72 MP12
73Exynos 88958Mali-G71 MP20
74Snapdragon 6808Adreno 610
75Snapdragon 7128Adreno 616
76Snapdragon 6788Adreno 612
77Snapdragon 7108Adreno 616
78Helio P908PowerVR GM9446
79Tiger T6188ARM Mali-G52 MP2
80Snapdragon 8204Adreno 530
81Snapdragon 6758Adreno 612
82Helio G888Mali-G52 MC2
83Helio G858Mali-G52 MP2
84Helio G808Mali-G52 MP2
85Helio P958PowerVR GM9446
86Exynos 96118Mali-G72 MP3
87Kirin 9608Mali-G71 MP8
88Exynos 96098Mali-G72 MP3
89Snapdragon 6708Adreno 615
90Exynos 88908Mali-T880 MP12
91Tiger T6168Mali-G57 MP1
92Tiger T7008ARM Mali-G52 MC2
93Snapdragon 6628Adreno 610
94Helio G708Mali-G52 2EEMC2
95Apple A92PowerVR GT7600
96Snapdragon 8214Adreno 530
97Snapdragon 6658Adreno 610
98Kirin 710F8Mali-G51 MP4
99Helio P658Mali-G52 MC2
100Helio P708Mali-G72 MP3
101Kirin 7108Mali-G51 MP4
102Exynos 96108Mali-G72 MP3
103Tiger T6128Mali-G57 MP1
104Kirin 710A8Mali-G51
105Exynos 8508Mali-G52 MP1
106Snapdragon 4608Adreno 610
107Snapdragon 6608Adreno 512
108Unisoc T6068Mali-G57 MC2
109Tiger T6108ARM Mali G52 MP2
110Helio P608Mali-G72 MP3
111Helio G378PowerVR GE8320
112Snapdragon 6368Adreno 509
113Snapdragon 6328Adreno 506
114Helio G358IMG PowerVR GE8320
115Exynos 79048Mali-G71 MP2
116Helio P358IMG PowerVR GE8320
117Exynos 78858Mali-G71 MP2
118Snapdragon 6308Adreno 508
119Kirin 9508Mali-T880 MP4
120Helio A258PowerVR GE8320
121Helio G258IMG PowerVR GE8320
122Exynos 78726Mali-G71 MP1
123Kirin 9558ARM Mali-T880 MP4
124Helio P238Mali-G71 MP2
125Exynos 7884B8Mali-G71 MP2