YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


YouTube is a popular video website where most of us spend hours daily watching videos. YouTube also has several keyboard shortcuts for doing different things quickly. Not many people know about keyboard shortcuts. If you want to be a YouTube Power User, learn YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts perform actions faster than clicking around in YouTube’s options.

On YouTube, you can also press Shift + ? to see a list of keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutsAction
SpacebarPause/Play video (player focus required)
KPause/Play video (doesn’t require focus)
↑ (Arrow key up)Turn up volume 5%
↓ (Arrow key down)Turn down volume 5%
MMute/unmute volume
← (Arrow key left)Move backward 5 sec
→ (Arrow key right)Move forward 5 sec
LMove forward 10 sec
JMove backward 10 sec
0 / HomeRestart the video
EndSkip to the end
Num keys 1,2,3..9Move playhead to the respective percentage, 10%-90%
FEnter or exit fullscreen
EscExit fullscreen
Ctrl + →Move to the next video (only in the playlist)
Ctrl + ←Move to the previous video (only in the playlist)
Tab keyMove forward in player control buttons
Shift + TabMove backward in player control buttons
EnterExecute select player control button
CTurn on/off CC (closed captions)
+Increase CC font size when it’s turned on
Decrease CC font size when it’s turned on
BChange CC background color
>Increase play speed
<Decrease play speed
Shift + PPlay previously played video
Shift + NPlay next video in recommendation/playlist
/Place the text cursor in the search field to start typing
EscFocus away from search field if text cursor is there
, (comma)Move backward per frame when the video is paused
. (period)Move forward per frame when the video is paused

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