Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse: What should you choose?

wired vs wireless gaming mouse
wired vs wireless gaming mouse


A wired gaming mouse is better than a wireless mouse for gaming because a wired connection is more stable.

Most people prefer using a wireless mouse in general. But what should you choose for gaming? In this article, I will talk about the same matter. Several new gamers still ask this question because they don’t want to invest in the wrong product. Almost all the notable companies offering quality gamine mice offer both kinds of gaming mice. Wired and Wireless gaming mouse have their own pros and cons. You should consider all the factors while choosing one for gaming.

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Most modern wired mice use the USB interface. Now you could hardly see the PS/2 mouse. A USB mouse can be quickly plugged and use. No complicated paring. On the other hand, a Bluetooth mouse requires pairing with the system before you can use it. Both types of computer mice offer the same features, but the primary difference is in the connectivity.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of wireless gaming mice

Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Flexible movement
  • Much more user-friendly
  • Easier to travel with

  • Higher latency
  • Prone to interference
  • Usually more expensive
  • Batteries add weight to the design

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of wired gaming mice

Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Faster Response time
  • Zero outside interference
  • Stable connection
  • Usually less expensive

  • Cable clutter

I think now it is clear why people prefer and recommend a wired mouse for gaming over the wireless mouse.

The primary benefit of using a wireless gaming mouse is freedom of movement. Wireless gaming mice perform well, ┬ábut it still has input lag or latency. In general, you won’t feel much difference but it will surely make difference in fast-paced FPS shooting games. Input lag won’t be much until you far from the computer, interference could be. Your wireless gaming mouse could face interference from other devices affecting the performance. Interference leads to delayed or ignored inputs.

Wireless mice work with a receiver that needs to be plugged into the system. It can also be lost if misplaced.

If you play FPS games or games that require a faster response and pinpoint accuracy, you should go with a wired gaming mouse. USB ensures a stable connection with minimal input lag. So, it is better for gaming than a wireless gaming mouse. The only downside could be wire but you can do something to reduce cable clutter. If you need a portable solution and are not into competitive first-person shooting games, you can consider a wireless mouse.