What is Mouse DPI and What DPI is good for gaming?

Mouse DPI
Mouse DPI


If you think of buying a good gaming mouse and look at the specs sheet, the most obvious term will be the DPI. In case you are not sure what is DPI and why it is important, keep reading. In this article, I will explain the DPI in detail. It will help you while buying a gaming mouse.

What is DPI?

DPI is Dots per inch. It basically tells how sensitive a mouse is. The larger this value, the farther the cursor moves when you move the mouse.

Let’s take the example of a mouse with 1600 DPI. If you move this move by one inch, it will move 1600 pixels on the screen. If you are gaming in 1080p resolution and you play at 1000 DPI setting, moving your mouse by 1 inch will move your crosshair by 1000 pixels.

So now you know that the mouse with high DPI settings can detect and react to even smaller mouse movements. DPI is the hardware capability and isn’t related to the mouse sensitivity setting available in Windows. Windows sensitivity is software-based while DPI is the physical attribute.

The regular mice usually have about 1600 DPI. But gaming mice come with 4000 DPI or more with an ability to change the DPI setting by pressing the dedicated DPI button. Most gaming mice let you change DPI from 400 to 4000. Razer Mamba Elite sports 16000 DPI.

How to check mouse DPI?

To check the DPI of your mouse, you need to perform a quick Google search for the model name of your mouse. If you are not using an unbranded mouse, there’s a chance you will get the spec sheet confirming the DPI number or DPI range if this is a gaming mouse.

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What DPI is good for gaming?

There’s no specific answer to this. It varies from person to person and depends, the resolution you play games on, and on what game you want to play. Most of the pro gamers use a low DPI for more accuracy FPS games. These gamers set their mouse on dpi of between 400 and 800. The only way to find out the best DPI for you is to play games on different DPI and see what works best for you.

Some gamers play different games at different DPI settings. If you keep playing on a specific DPI setting, you will become comfortable with it in 10-12 days. Most of the people who use high DPI settings usually use the wrist for quick aims. Gamers who use arm play on low DPI. Trust me, controlling the aim with Arm offers better accuracy than controlling aim with wrist movements.

Wrap Up

I hope now you understand the DPI. It is important to know your mouse properly before you buy it for gaming. The mouse is your weapon. Until you are not comfortable with your weapon, you cannot perform well.

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