What is E3 Super AMOLED Display?

Vivo V17
Vivo V17

Yesterday when iQOO launched iQOO 3 in India, several people noticed a term E3 Super AMOLED display on the specs sheet. We all know about AMOLED panels and Super AMOLED displays but E3 Super AMOLED is a relatively new term. Several people asked me about this, so I decided to write what is E3 Super AMOLED Display.

Before I start explaining E3 Super AMOLED, let me tell you that iQOO 3 is not the first phone to feature it. Vivo V17 and Vivo 17 Pro also came with E3 Super AMOLED

E3 Super AMOLED Display

As the name suggests, E3 Super AMOLED is basically a type of Super AMOLED panel. E3 Super AMOLED is the energy-efficient type of Super AMOLED. On average, it reduces energy consumption by 8%. So, the battery backup will be slightly better. E3 Super AMOLED panels also offer 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and less blue light emission. That means E3 AMOLED panels will offer better colors but with less battery consumption.

In short, E3 Super AMOLED panels are the slightly improved version of Super AMOLED panels.

Not much technical information is available on how E3 panels manage to improve energy efficiency.


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