What does WDYM mean? WDYM Meaning



Messaging apps are now an important part of our daily life. Teens spend most of their time chatting with their friends on different texting apps. For being quicker in texting, teens mostly use slang. Slang is basically a non-standard short form used by people on the internet. For example, LOL is used for “Laugh Out Loud.” Different people use different slangs and often create new slangs as per their convenience. One such internet slang is WDYM. If you recently received this in a text message and are not sure about it, keep reading. In this article, I will tell you WDYM meaning.

What does WDYM stand for?

WDYM meaning: What do you mean?

wdym meaning

Source: urbandictionary.com

WDYM stands for What do you mean?

If someone has sent you WDYM in a text message he is trying to ask “What do you mean?


Basically, WDYM is used in a text conversation when a message isn’t clear enough to understand. WDYM is also one of the most used internet slang. If you