Valorant Premier: All you need to know about the new game mode

Valorant Premier
Valorant Premier

The forthcoming tournament game option in VALORANT is called Premier. It will feature the same in-game regulations as Competitive matches, but with an emphasis on top-tier rivalry and team play throughout a tournament framework, as well as added features borrowed from professional play like map pick/ban phases. When it performs at its best, it will act as a straight link between the player base and the elite scene i.e Valorant Masters//Champions. 


Players can create a complete squad in Premier and join a division to participate in a season that consists of both monthly games and competitions. The top teams from each division compete in a final competition to be crowned division champions after a few weeks of play in each season.

Like competitive mode, the premier will have skilled divisions. You will have to win seasonal matches on designated maps to rank up. The higher you will climb closer you will get to the competitive scene. 


Map pick/ban is where Premier matches start, with both sides participating. Before one team selects a map with the other team receiving side selection, both teams will have the opportunity to remove some of the maps from the current map rotation pool.

Valorant Premier

Who can play Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier will allow any player to build a team and compete across a season of pre-scheduled matches. You can create a team with your friends and compete in tournaments.

When is Valorant Premier beta coming out?

The premier is all set to begin open beta from ACT 3 of EPISODE 6.