QuickTime Player keyboard shortcuts

QuickTime player
QuickTime player

QuickTime Player is the media app offered by Apple on macOS. You can use it to play QuickTime movie files (.mov) along with several other video formats. QuickTime Player also lets you capture screenshots and record videos. If you use macOS and play videos on QuickTime Player, I recommend you learn QuickTime Player keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts let you perform several tasks quickly. You can control QuickTime window, playback, and more using different keyboard shortcuts.

In this article, I am listing a list of QuickTime Player keyboard shortcuts.

Option+Command+NNew movie recording
Ctrl+Option+Command+NNew audio recording
Ctrl+Command+NNew screen recording
Command+OOpen file
Command+UOpen location using a URL
Command+WClose window
Shift+Command+SSave/ Export
Shift+Command+EExport for the web
Command+MMinimize window
Command+IShow Movie Inspector
Option+Command+PShow export Progress
SpacePlay or pause
Command+EnterPlay or pause all movies
Arrow LeftStop playback and go back one frame
Arrow RightStop playback and go forward one frame
Option+Arrow LeftGo to the beginning of a movie
Option+Arrow RightGo to the end of a movie
Command+Arrow LeftCycle through rewind speeds
Command+Arrow RightCycle through fast forward speeds
Arrow UpTurn volume up
Arrow DownTurn volume down
Option+Arrow UpTurn the volume up to the maximum level
Option+Arrow DownTurn the volume down to the minimum level
Option+Command+TShow closed captioning
Command+RShow chapters
Command+LLoop the movie
Command+FEnter Full screen mode
Command+F/EscExit Full screen mode
Command+1Display movie at actual size
Command+3Fit the movie to the screen
Command+4Fill the screen with the movie
Command+5Display the movie in panoramic mode
Command++Increase the movie size
Command+-Decrease the movie size
Command+ASelect all
Shift+Command+ASelect all excluding silent portions
Shift+Command+LRotate left
Shift+Command+RRotate right
Shift+Command+HFlip horizontal
Shift+Command+VFlip vertical
Command+YSplit clip