25+ Online Gaming Slang Terms You Should Know

Gaming Slangs
Gaming Slangs


In online multiplayer games, we get communication options to talk with teammates and opponents. Multiplayer gaming is all about your common sense, strategy, and reaction time. So every second count. This the reason there are several slang terms to communicate faster. If you are new (n00b) to online gaming, you should learn these gaming slang terms. You will often see these terms in the chat window of games you play.

Gaming Slangs

N00b: The person who is new to the game and doesn’t know how to properly play is called Newbie or N00b. If your teammates are calling your N00b, you are playing really bad. Learn and improve.

AFK: AFK stands for “away from the keyboard.” That means the player isn’t moving or play.

GG: Good game. It is often typed at the end of a match to congratulate other players.

GGWP: Good game, well played. It is used to show extra respect to the opponent.

WP: Well played.

GL: Good luck

GLHF: Good luck have fun. Commonly used to wish other players in multiplayer games.

HF: Have Fun. A friendly term mostly used at the start of the game.

GJ: Great Job

Bot: Computer-controlled player.

Camping: Camping is typical used in online shooters games. The term is used when a player sits in one place in the hope to get someone to kill from behind.

HP: HP means health points or hit points. The term is used to measure the vitality of your character. When HP drops to zero, the character dies.

BRB: Be right back

Ace: When a player singlehandedly kills all players of the opposition team. In short, solo winner.

Backstab: When someone kills from behind.

Entry Fragger: The teammate who goes ahead of other teammates to get the first kill or suffer the first death.

Lag: When the game stops or stutters because of slow internet.

pwnd: Owned

DLC: Downloadable content

ADR: Average Damage per Round

NT: Nice try

^5: High five

Smurf: An experienced player who makes a new account to play against lower-leveled players.

FPS: It refers to either the first-person-shooter type of game or frames per second. Frame per second denotes how fast your computer’s GPU is rendering game frames. Better FPS means smoother gameplay.

Scrub: Someone who is a generally unskilled player that believes he/she is a good player.

Rez: Short form of resurrection.