How to Play Valorant Maps in CS: GO?

Valorant Maps in CS: Go

Valorant is one of the popular competitive shooting games. Valorant is somewhere similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but agents and their abilities make the game more interesting. Several professional CS: Go players also switched to this game. Just like in CS: GO, Valorant also has different maps where two teams with 5 players fight. Attackers try to plant Spike and Defenders try to defend the Spike area. Similar to what gamers do in CS: Go. If you play both games, we have good news for you. Now you can play CS: Go in valiant maps.

Popular CSGO YouTuber TheWarOwl showcased several Valorant maps in CS: GO. Here’s the video.

We can play CS: GO in Split, Ascent, and Bind Valorant Maps. Split is the only map that was properly made. Other Maps feel like maps from CS 1.6 or workshop maps just to get the job done. Bind actually feels like you are playing CS 1.6. But the gameplay was smooth and flawless.

Use these links and subscribe to these maps on Steam for playing Valorant Maps on CS: GO. These are workshop maps, so there are no official servers for playing these maps. You can gather your friends and play these maps with them.

It seems several people tried making Valorant Maps for CS: Go. There are multiple workshop maps of Bind.

Valorant managed to get the attention of the gaming community because of the agents’ abilities. But many players also expressed their disappointment. Several CS: Go players are not satisfied with the weapons and gunplay. The spray pattern is also said to be bad. Still, there are now millions of gamers

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