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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular time-management tools developed by Google. It was launched back in April 2006 in beta and the general release happened in 2009. Now Google Calendar is also available for Android and iOS platforms. Google Calendar lets users create or edit events and get reminders about them The app also lets you add recurring reminders. You can also add birthdays or your friends to get reminders. Google Calendar has deeper integration with other Google products. So, it fetches events from Gmail and reminds you about them. Google Calendar also supports keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity and save your time. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can perform several tasks quickly. This article includes all the Google Calendar Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS.

Google Calendar keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS

Look at this table for keyboard shorts of Google Calendar.

Move around the calendar
Change your calendar view to the next date rangej or n
Refresh your calendarr
Move to the current dayt
Move to add a calendar section+
Put your cursor in the search box/
Change your calendar view
Day view1 or d
Week view2 or w
Month view3 or m
Custom view4 or x
Agenda view5 or a
Make changes to an event
Create a new eventc
See an event’s detailse
Delete an eventBackspace or Delete
Save event (from the event details page)⌘ + s (Mac) / Ctrl + s (Windows)
Return to the calendar grid from an event details pageEsc

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