Different Ways to Earn Money on X

Different ways to earn money on X

X is a popular platform that allows users to create and share different forms of content including text, photos, and videos. After Elon Musk took over, he also made several changes to the platform to attract creators. Musk is focusing on offering different ways for creators to earn on X. Presently, users can monetize their content directly through X’s ads-revenue sharing program and offer subscription-based access. Prior to the native monetization initiative, X users relied on sponsored content and affiliate programs. In this article, we will explain ways of X monetization and provide a detailed guide on how to earn money on the platform.

Understanding X Monetization

X monetization refers to the various methods and strategies that creators and businesses can employ to generate revenue from their activities on the platform. These methods can be broadly categorized into two main types:

  1. Content Monetization: Content Monetization involves earning money directly from the content you create and share on X.
  2. Brand Monetization: Brand Monetization involves leveraging your X presence to partner with brands and promote their products or services.

1. Content Monetization Strategies

X offers a range of content monetization options, including:

  • Creator Ads Revenue Sharing: X monetization lets individuals and businesses generate revenue from the impressions of their posts on the platform. This program allows creators to display ads within their content and earn a share of the ad revenue directly from X.
  • Tips: Tips feature lets users tip their favorite creators.
  • Creator Subscriptions: Creators can offer exclusive content or perks to fans who subscribe to their profile on X.
  • X Merchandise: Creators can sell merchandise related to their brand, such as apparel, accessories, or digital products.

2. Brand Monetization Strategies

If you have a strong presence on X, you can explore various brand monetization strategies, such as:

  • Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with brands to create co-branded content or promote their products or services.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote products or services of other businesses and earn a commission for each sale generated through your affiliate links.

Now let’s understand different ways of X monetization in detail.

Creator Ads Revenue Sharing

X’s monetization program enables creators and businesses to earn money from their activities on the X platform. If you get good views on the platform, you can earn directly from X in the form of ad-revenue sharing. X will show ads in between replies to posts and will share ad revenue. To get success with ads-revenue sharing, you need to encourage your followers to engage and get more replies.

There is also an eligibility criteria to be eligible to earn from ad-revenue sharing on X.

Here’s the eligibility requirements

  • User must reside in a country where X’s monetization program is available
  • User must be at least 18 years of age.
  • User must be active for at least
  • Profile must have complete information including account name, bio, profile picture, and header image.
  • User must have verified email address
  • Setup a Stripe account
  • User need to have two-factor authentication enabled.
  • User must have at least 5 million organic impressions within the last 3 months
  • User need to subscribe to X Premium
  • User must have at least 500 followers

X Tips

There is also a Tips feature on X. Users can support their favorite content creators by sending them money using Tips. X launched the Tips feature back in 2021 to help creators monetize their content and make a living on the platform. The Tips feature lets Twitter users directly show their appreciation for the content of the creator they follow.

To earn through the Tips feature, you need to add a payment service to your profile. For this, go to your X profile and click on the “Edit profile” button. Now go to the “Tips” section and click on the “Add payment service” button. Once you have added a payment method, you can enable Tips by clicking on the toggle switch next to your payment service.

If you want to earn more using the X Tips feature, you need to let your followers know that you are now accepting tips. You can do this through tweets, stories, or engaging content.

X Creator Subscriptions

The X Creator Subscription program is a monetization option that allows creators to charge subscribers for exclusive content and perks. This program is designed to help creators earn a sustainable income directly from their fans and supporters. Creators can charge a monthly fee for the subscription and keep earning a steady income. In return, the creator needs to provide exclusive content, such as early access to new videos, podcasts, or articles, to their subscribers.

There is also a minimum application requirement to be eligible for Subscriptions. The creator needs to be 18 years or older, have at least 500 followers, and be active in the past 30 days.

X shares 97% of subscription revenue until you reach $50,000. After you cross this threshold, the percentage reduces to 80%.

Sell Merchandise on X

Selling merchandise is a great way to earn money from your X following. Creator can sell branded merchandise, such as apparel, accessories, and digital products. This way is good for brands and influencers who have a loyal fanbase.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships let creators collaborate with brands to create sponsored content, product reviews, and endorsements. This can be a great way to earn money from your X following, especially if you have a large and engaged audience. To earn this way, you need to build a strong following and engagement on X to get good deals.

When you collaborate with a brand, you need to make sure to create content that aligns with your niche. This is the reason, you also need to prioritize collaborations with brands who have products and services that resonate with your content. I also recommend you be transparent while promoting a brand, product, or service. So, clearly label sponsored posts in sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing lets creators earn money by promoting products or services of other businesses. This can also be a great way to earn money from your X following if you have a niche audience. For example, if you usually talk about gaming on X and post relevant content, you can promote gaming products and games to earn commissions on each sale. There are several brands, e-commerce platforms, and SAAS products that offer an affiliate program. Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate programs that offer up to 20% commission on sales.

How to get success with X monetization

Now you know different ways to earn on X. But you will get success only if you have good reach and engagement on the platform. So, you need to focus on creating engaging and valuable content that resonates with your audience. It will help you get a good reach and attract more followers. Regularly create and share high-quality content to maintain audience engagement. Use hashtags wisely to broaden your content’s visibility. For better results, identify peak engagement times for your audience and schedule your tweets accordingly. This will ensure good engagement. You also need to interact with your followers, respond to comments, and participate in discussions to build a loyal community. X also provides analytics tools to understand your audience, content performance, and monetization effectiveness. It will help you in making content plans and strategies.

When you think your content is getting enough engagement and organic reach, you can apply for X monetization for ads-revenue sharing. Good follower count and reach will automatically attract brand deals for sponsored posts.


X monetization offers a good way for creators and businesses to generate revenue from their activities on the platform. However, you need to have a good follower count and engaging content for success. By understanding the various monetization options, meeting the eligibility requirements, and following effective strategies, you can effectively monetize your X presence and achieve your financial goals.

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