Google Photos is getting Gemini-powered AI feature ‘Ask Photos’

Ask Photos by Gemini

Google has introduced a new experimental AI feature for Google Photos to make the experience better. The feature is called Ask Photos and improves your photo searching experience on Google Photos. Ask Photos is powered by Gemini AI.

It allows users to search for specific memories or information and it will give relevant results. So, you don’t need to scroll through photos and videos. Google claims that Gemini’s multimodal capabilities help it understand photos week and understand what’s happening in each photo. This is the reason it can provide better results.

It is worth noting that Google Photos already lets users search photos by typing text queries. The search can already read text written photos or identify screenshots. However, the Gemini-powered feature allows searching with more complex queries.

Google says that the feature can also remember the information you provide. For example, if you correct it in something, it will remember it and will try not to repeat the same mistake. The company also confirmed that all queries and personal data will remain private. It also promises not to use the data to train any generative AI product outside of Google Photos.

The feature will be available in the summer.

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