This keyboard plays full interactive video under its keys

Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard
Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard

The keyboard is just an input device for typing. It used to come in a simple design. But manufacturers have done several experiments with keyboard designs. We have seen keyboards with RGB lights, keyboards with trackpads, single-handed keyboards, and more. Now Centerpiece has tried to do something different with a mechanical keyboard. The company has added transparent mechanical keyboard switches over Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack to make a keyboard that can also play a video.

The keyboard is a 65%” style keyboard. It has a dedicated CPU and graphics hardware to run the video on the keyboard. It doesn’t take resources from the attacked PC. The company says it is powered by Unreal Engine 5. Although it has mechanical switches, it lacks ‘hot swap’ keys.

The keyboard costs $349 and will go on sale early next year. We have already seen keyboards in this price segment but those keyboards also feature dedicated knobs, wireless options, and swappable switches. You will be compromising with some premium features for the display under the keyboard.

The company didn’t mention all the features of the keyboard, but we know it will use a single USB-C cable to connect to the PC. The keyboard also has an 8kHz polling rate.