Facebook allows videos with copyrighted music and adds lip syncing for live video


Facebook will now allow users upload videos with copyrighted background music. For this, It has partnered with all major record labels for this.

If you upload a video with copyrighted music, you will be notified if that song is allowed via the deals Facebook Made with record labels. Facebook will compensate artists and labels whose music is used in a video.

This is helpful for those cases when you have recorded a video of yours but it also captured a copyrighted music playing in background. What if you have performed a dance on a song and want to upload the video on Facebook. Your video will not be taken down due to copyrighted music now.

Facebook also has plans to start testing options for adding the music to Facebook Stories.

Facebook has also started testing a new feature ‘Lip Sync Live’ that lets users pick a popular song and lip sync on Facebook live videos. This feature is copied from Musical.ly, an app popular among youths.

If you go by Instagram videos, most of the videos belong to Musical.ly. Mostly teens use that platform to create video and share on different social media platform.

To use this feature, choose Lip Sync Live option when starting your Live video. Then select a song from the song list, add a description and customize your video with masks or a background.


Facebook has always been interested in engaging teens on its platform. When it started losing youths to Snapchat, it copied all of its interesting features and almost killed that. It bought MSQRD then teens started using that and app became trending. Now it has added the Lip Sync Live option to allow users create Lip sync videos.

The only issue with Facebook’s new feature is that it needs users go live which notifies their friends. Lip syncing works better for normal video recording where a person have an option of multiple attempts before making a perfect video to share.

Today’s announcement will surely help a lot of users. It will also encourage users in posting more videos on the social network.