Xploree Smart Keyboard Review: An Intelligent Keyboard App

Xploree smart keyboard app
Xploree smart keyboard app


There are several keyboard apps available for Android devices. Few notable Keyboard apps for Android are Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, Swype, and Flesky. Recently, I also tried Xploree Keyboard app that claims to have the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve your writing experience. Is this Keyboard app worth to try? Read this review to know the answer.

Themes and color schemes

Xploree keyboard allows you to customize the color scheme and theme of the keyboard. You can several colors, animated themes and images based themes to choose from. All these Themes and color schemes work fine with all the languages. If you are one of those who likes to try themes and colors, you will love this section.


Xploree also offers you stickers to try in your conversation. Unlike native stickers, it sends stickers as an image. I tested these stickers on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Allo. It supports all mobile messaging app that supports image sharing.

Xploree Keyboard app review


I think this is the power of this keyboard app. There are numbers of languages to try. Not just national languages, but you also have keyboard options for many regional languages. The list is so long that you cannot even think of counting. As per the official claim, there is over 110 Languages support.

The good thing is that most of the sentiment level processing is done on the phone itself. So, it does not consume data. It is light weight and works fast. I never faced any kind of issues while typing. Well, It also has Google search integrated. It not similar to Google Keyboard, because it opens results in a new tab.

Here are few cool features of this keyboard app that make it interesting.

Text shortcuts

This section allows you to set shortcuts. For example, you can set hru for How are you?. So, you just need to type hru to type How are you quickly in the chat.

See the below snapshot. It added tm shortcut for typing techlomedia. When I typed TM, it instantly poped +TM. Tapping on it replaced TM with Techlomedia.

Indic Transliteration

It comes with several Indian regional language support and allows you to use English keyboard for typing in your regional language.


Discoveries is a notable feature of this app, but I am not exactly sure why this feature is the part of this keyboard app. It basically allows you to discover deals, coupons, and services. For example, if you want to see the exciting deals, you can just type deals and wait for it to discover deals for you. I tried several things and found relevant answers.

Whenever you are talking to someone using text messaging, it will keep an eye on your conversation. Based on the words you type, it discovers awesome deals for you. Well, I am not shopaholic, but can be good for many.

You can also mark favorite to those offers that suit you and Xploree will start showing similar offers.

Along with these features, it also offers Glide, auto correction, auto-capitalization, and more Glide allow you to slide your finger across keys to form a word. This feature is now available in most of the keyboard apps. There are few other features that are too common to mention.

Final words

Xploree Keyboard app aims to give users a different kind of experience. Well, it combines good features one wishes to have in a keyboard app along with its discoveries feature to help you discover more. It supports most of the languages and I personally feel that Indic Transliteration is an amazing feature for Indian people.

Overall, this app is smart as it says. If you just see the keyboard app experience, it is good. Discoveries feature makes it unique and different from another Keyboard app. So, I recommend you to try this app once.

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