Facebook launched Messenger Lite for Android

Messenger Lite
Messenger Lite

Facebook has launched a lighter version of its popular Messenger app. This app is called as ‘Messenger app’ and targets countries with less than stellar internet access.

Messenger Lite lets users send texts, photos and links using Facebook messenger even if they have very slow Internet connectivity. The company has begun the roll out in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. It will be rolled out in other countries in coming days.

The size of the app is under 10 M. So it takes very less data and time to install.

The company knows that its messenger app has become the issue for many people as it consumes resources on a mobile phone. It becomes the pain if the person has the poor internet connection and low-end phone.

Facebook says that this new app will help more people to stay connected even if they have network and storage limitations.

It is also worth to note that Messenger Lite uses the same bolt logo as Messenger, but with colors reversed. The bolt is blue with a white chat bubble background.