Adblock Plus now sells ads


Adblock Plus will now sell ads. Yes, you heard it right. Adblock Plus is launching an ad exchange service to replace the bad ads (which are too big, too ugly, or too intrusive) with good ads which are less annoying.

Eyeo has partnered with ad tech platform to create an automated ad marketplace. Publishers can sell ad space on their web pages and place code to put ads. The 80 percent of the revenue from these ads will go to publishers. Remaining 20% will be divided between various other parties involved with serving the ads. Adblock plus will receive 6% from serving ads.

This marketplace is an extension of Acceptable ads program that Adblock Plus has been running since 2011. With this program, Ad block plus has defaulted to “whitelisting” approved ads. These ads were visible even if users have the ad blocker turned on.

Ads from this new marketplace will be whitelisted and users will see it even if they have turned on the ad blocker. 

There is also an Acceptable Ads criteria, which confirms the size, placement and labelling of ads. If you are interested in knowing that, you can read it. 

This ad marketplace is launching in beta today is supposed to be available finally by the end of this year.

What do you think about this? From blocking ads to selling ads, Adblock Plus has surprised us all.


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