Facebook experiments videos with auto play audio for mobile apps



Facebook’s love for video is not hidden from us. It is trying to push it aggressively high on the news feed. It already irritated users with auto play videos which were affecting mobile data usage. Now, it is planning to bring the auto-play video with sound.

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Some Australians noted that videos (including ads and Facebook Live) are automatically playing with sounds. Sound plays immediately as the video begins. When this video starts playing automatically, it also shows a pop-up explaining how to use controls and mute sound.

Till now, video ads used to be silent until user clicks on it to play sound. But Facebook is working to change this trend and trust me this is wrong. If you are at work or at a public place, opening Facebook app can be embarrassing because you never know what kind of video ad is there in your news feed.

Well, there is an option to avoid this. If you do not want Facebook to play audio automatically, you have settings to turn it “Always off”.

Facebook has already rolled out live features to all users to flood your news feed with video content. With this new audio auto play option, your news feed will surely irritate you.

What do you think about the news feed with auto play audio option?