Cortona for Windows 10 is Coming


Cortana Windows 10Have you ever wished to talk to your desktop and ask it to perform some action? Windows users will get this option in coming months. Cortana support will be there in Windows 10 and it will work exactly same as it works on Windows Phone.

Windows fan site WinBeta managed to get the Windows 10 build which have support for Cortana. They also demonstrated this in a video. It confirms that Microsoft is working to integrate Cortana into Windows for desktop users. Windows build users in the video does not represent the final product and it will get many improvement changes in final release.

With Cortana in Windows, you can perform tasks like calling to someone on Skype, play music, launch apps, see your location, check weather and check calendar entries. In this build, there is no hands free option to launch Cortana. But we can expect it in the final release.

What do you think about Cortana for desktop? Will it be helpful? Share your views with us via comments.

Source: WinBeta