FBI Pays Microsoft for Customer Data? Syrian Hackers Claim

Syrian ELectronic Army (SEA) hackers have claimed to gather a documents which reveal how much money Microsoft gets by selling customers’ information to FBI. SEA is a well known group which was involved in many high profile hacks in past.

Leaked documents consist of invoices and emails between Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance team and FBI’s Digital Intercept Technology Unit (DITU).

FBI Pays Microsoft for Customer Data

In December 2012, Microsoft charged $145,100 (approx $100 per request). In 2013, Microsoft doubled the amount and started charging $200 per request. Information provided to FBI by Microsoft includes Live Email ID, PUID, name, address, country, IP address, date of registration and other details.

Leaked Information

There was nothing wrong in this if Microsoft charges FBI for compliance. But documents indicates how frequently government can access information of customers.

Do not confused DITU with NSA. DITU has low profile as compared to National Security Agency but runs in same circle.

SEA also published the invoices on Scribd and asked users to see before using any Microsoft products.



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