Google Introduces Smart Contact Lens Project to Help You Measure Glucose Levels

Google’s Google X Lab has just announced its new project smart contact lens. This new smart contact lens helps users in measuring their glucose level.

This contact lens use a tiny wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor.These chips are embedded in between two soft layers of lenses. You can see the photo added below. They are testing a prototype that can send reading per second. They are also working on how to send a warning message to wearer indicating that glucose level has crossed above or below the thresholds. It is working to ad tiny LED light that could lid as warning message.

Google’s smart contact lens can also broadcast reading through radio frequencies to an external monitoring device.

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Scientists have researched a lot to test how certain body fluids can help in tracking glucose level. At this moment, it will be too early to comment on the project. Although, Google claims that it has completed multiple clinical researches but it confirms that it has long to go.

Google is working with FDA to turn this project into real products for consumers.

In recent days, we have seen boom in wearable gadget market. We hope to see more in coming months.

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