Microsoft officially launches Windows 8, Surface Tablets


Microsoft Corporation has launched its latest Windows 8 operating system and surface tablets in an event held in New York City today.

Windows 8 will be available in 37 languages and in 140 countries. It will be available to download at 12:01 a.m (US local time) and also be available in retail stores by the midnight in US stores.

Existing windows users can upgrade their windows for $39.99 only.

Steven Sinofsky, the president of the company’s Windows and Windows Live division, said that Windows 8 is being launched after 1,240,000,000 hours of testing in public in 190 countries.

“Windows 8 is designed to work with mouse and keyboard, as well as touch. That’s the big selling point of the new OS,” he said.

Sinofsky also announced that Microsoft has now sold more than 670 million Windows 7 licenses and it was the fastest adoption of any OS ever.

This new window 8 operating system comes with a new Metro style look and feel. It does not has start menu and comes with new start screen.

“This is one of the biggest launches for us. This is the beginning of new era of computing. Windows 8 is designed to work across form factors and platforms (such as tablets),” Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik said.

For the promotion and sale of Windows 8, Microsoft has partnered with 14 manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo, HP, HCL, Acer, Asus. So, Windows 8 will come with more than 250 devices. In India, these windows 8 devices will be available across  2500 store in over 100 cities in India.

In addition to Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft has also announced Windows RT. Windows RT will come pre-loaded in Microsoft Surface Tablets and ARM devices.  It will still support over 420 million peripherals, including printers, mice and keyboards.

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