Dropbox Doubles Storage Space for Pro Users On Same Prices

Dropbox is one of the most successful cloud storage service with more than 50 million users worldwide. Dropbox allows users to store photos, music and videos online instead of on their computers.  But in past few months, Few big names including Google and Microsoft have created a tough competition for Dropbox. There are few other startups too which offers the same service on less price with more storage.

Cloud storage service offers a new kind of service which allow users to store their data on cloud and then access it from anywhere in the world. This make users data accessible and safe online. In case you lost your had disk, you still have data safe on the cloud storage.

After losing few users to Google Drive and SkyDrive only because of higher price, Dropbox has now decided to change some pricing plans and storage and announced that it coming with double storage for paid users. Those paying $10 a month or $99 a year will now get 100 gigabytes instead of 50. Those who pay $20 a month or $199 a year will get 200 gigabytes instead of 100.

There is no change in free storage policy and it will remain 2 GB. Dropbox is also adding a new subscription of 500 gigabytes for $50 a month or $499 a year. These new plans are not live now and users will get upgrade notification today or tomorrow.

Although, Dropbox has given more storage space to users, but it is still costly. If we compare it with Google Drive, Google Drive is giving 4 times more storage on the same price. SkyDrive is also cheaper than Dropbox. If these big names are cheaper, users will surely move to these big and trusted names.

Although Dropbox is the top name in the field of cloud storage but it cannot pass the trust of Google and Microsoft. Pricing and storage plan are not going to affect Dropbox if we only talk about new startups cloud storage. But Google and Microsoft will surely force users to think again and to switch on Google Drive or SkyDrive for more storage on less price with the trust of big names.

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