Forget Emoticons, Skype launches ‘Humoticons’

Forget Emoticons, Skype launches 'Humoticons'

Skype has now launched a new kind of emoticons series in a Facebook app to make our interaction with friends more human. These new kind of emoticons are called Skype Humoticons which aims to proide users a better way to express their expressions.

Skype announced in a blogpost, “Given the popularity of the Skype emoticons as a way of sharing your emotions with each other, we’ve developed and introduced a new Facebook app to put a more human spin on these and help you share your gestures and expressions with the world: Skype Humoticons.”

Forget Emoticons, Skype launches 'Humoticons'

This app allow users to recreate emoticons images with your real-life expressions. You can either post any photo from the Humoticon Gallery or can snap a new photo from the camera. The result of this can pe posted on Facebook wall, downloaded or turned into a URL for sharing with friends in chat. So smiling face or winking face are not dependent on the graphical emoticons given by the Skype. Take a snap of your winking face or smiling face and send it to your friends to show them how you are really feeling. And some times with emoticons, it is impossible to show how you are actually feeling. In this case, humoticons will work better to express your feelings to someone.

These humoticons can express better your expressions as it uses your photo. According to Skype, Humoticons are better “Because nothing can replace the look on your face.”

Skype wants users to use Skype video calls to connect with friends rather than using social networks. It also said in a slogan about Facebook and twitter, “140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch” and “Upgrade from a wall post to a first class conversation.”

Get started creating your own Humoticons at and bring humanity back into the conversation.

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