7 Best Dash Cams for Car

Best Dashcams

In a time when driving safety is important, dashcam usage in automobiles has grown significantly. Dashcams work as watchful witnesses and record essential footage of your travels when mounted on your car’s dashboard or windshield. This post will explain dash cameras, their significance, and things to consider while selecting a cashback for a car. I will also add a list of the best dashcam you can buy for your car.

What is a Dashcam?

A dashboard camera, or dashcam, is a small video recording device installed in a vehicle to continuously record the road ahead. These cameras are designed to capture high-quality footage. Basically, dashcam acts as a silent observer that can provide critical evidence in case of accidents, disputes, or other road-related incidents.

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Importance of Dashcams:

One of the primary reasons to invest in a dashcam is its role as a witness during accidents. In India, most drivers are untrained and bikers drive recklessly. The recorded footage can provide a piece of evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement in case of an accident. Video footage can also help to determine fault and resolve claims quickly. Dashcams also act as a deterrent to insurance fraud and false claims. With a dashcam in place, drivers are less likely to become victims of staged accidents or fraudulent claims. It also saves them from potential financial losses. One can also watch Dashcam footage of driving to understand mistakes and improve driving. This helps identify areas for improvement and leads to safer driving habits. In the end, it reduces the risk of accidents.

Some dashcams come equipped with parking modes. It allows them to record footage even when the vehicle is parked. This feature can be invaluable in cases of hit-and-runs or vandalism in parking lots.

What to Consider When Buying a Dashcam:

There are several factors you need to consider while buying a Dashcam for your car. Look for dashcams that offer high-resolution video recording, preferably at least 1080p. Higher resolution ensures clearer footage. In high-resolution videos, it becomes easier to identify details in case of an incident. A wide-angle lens is crucial for capturing a broader field of view. A wide-angle lens of around 140 degrees or more field of view ensures that the entire road is in the frame. It captures maximum area and also reduces blind spots. Opt for a dashcam with good low-light performance. This is crucial for capturing clear footage in various lighting conditions, especially during early mornings, late evenings, or in poorly lit areas.

Dashcams with loop recording overwrite old footage when the storage is full. So, it can keep recording your driving footage without the need to manually delete files. Look for a model that allows customization of loop recording settings.

A built-in G-sensor can automatically detect sudden acceleration, deceleration, or collisions. In case of any of these actions, it triggers the dashcam to save and lock the current recording. This ensures that crucial footage is protected and not overwritten.

Some dashcams come with GPS functionality, which can provide additional information such as location, speed, and time. This data can be valuable for both personal reference and as evidence in case of an incident.

Best Dashcams for Car

Best Dashcams for Car Price Buy Here
Transcend DrivePro 250 Rs. 10229 Buy Here
70mai A400 Rs. 8999 Buy Here
Qubo Dash Cam Pro 3K Rs. 7999 Buy Here
70mai M300 Rs. 4698 Buy Here
Qubo Dash Cam Pro Rs. 4289 Buy Here
DDPAI Mini Rs. 3299 Buy Here
Hikvision 1080p Dashcam Rs. 3366 Buy Here

1. Transcend DrivePro 250

Transcend DrivePro 250 is an impressive dash cam for cars. It captures 2K QHD videos that is good for recording your drives. The device also features Sony STARVIS technology that provides clear records even in low light. With WiFi connectivity, you can quickly transfer footage from the dash cam to your phone. It also has GPS tracking that tracks your location and speed while driving. There is also a built-in G-sensor that automatically saves and locks footage in the event of a collision or sudden stop. It also has a lane departure warning and forward collision warning for added safety on the road. The dash cam has a microSD card slot that supports 32GB microSD car.

Transcend DrivePro 250 is easy to install and use. There’s a suction cup that offers a good grip. It records good-quality videos in day and night. Users can also adjust the angle easily after installation. It comes with all the necessary parts for installation.

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2. 70mai A400

The 70mai A400 Dashcam is also an impressive dash cam that promises to redefine the standards of in-car video recording. It offers superior image quality, wide-angle coverage, and innovative functionalities. The dash cam has a 3.6 Megapixel camera that records in Quad HD resolution with unparalleled clarity and color accuracy. The 145° wide-angle Field of View (FOV) ensures that the camera covers at least three lanes of traffic. It has a large F2.0 aperture, 3D-DNR, and WDR for capturing good videos in low-light conditions. These featrues adjust exposure balance and reduce noise for enhanced night vision.

When the storage is full, it automatically overwrites older footage with new recordings. The dashcam also has a loop recording that ensures you never miss an important moment due to full storage. These loop recordings won’t be overwritten.

70mai A400 supports dual-channel recording with an included rear camera. It also has an optional 24-hour parking surveillance feature that allows continuous monitoring even when the vehicle is unattended.

You can connect it to the app via built-in WiFi for checking real-time footage viewing, photo capture, and file downloads. The device doesn’t support voice commands.

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3. Qubo Car Dash Pro 3K

Qubo Car Dash Pro 3K is another impressive dash cam that can record high-resolution videos. It has a 5 megapixel sensor that promises to record 3K QHD videos with details. The Sony IMX335 sensor promises sharp and detailed videos with annoying glares. It has a super-wide 140-degree field of view for extensive coverage of the road and surroundings. So, it never misses an important detail. The Night Vision also promises crystal-clear footage even in low-light conditions.

The device features built-in Wi-Fi. With the Qubo Pro app, you can easily access recordings and monitor your journeys through your mobile phone. The device has a 3.2-inch LCD display to check previews and other controls. The device offers on-demand recording, continuous recording, and emergency event recording. The device features built-in GPS for speed and location recordings. Qubo Car Dash Pro 3K also has a microSD card slot to expand storage up to 1TB. It is important to note that you need to buy the microSD card separately

This dashcam is easy to install and use. It works well and endures various weather conditions.

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4. 70mai M300

70mai M300 DashCam is for those who seek advanced features in a compact design. The dashcam features a 3-megapixel camera and records in 2304x1296P resolution. The M300 incorporates 3D Noise Reduction and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technologies to enhance image clarity in various lighting conditions. The 140° wide field of view ensures that the camera covers the full width of three traffic lanes.

It also has a built-in G-sensor that allows the M300 to keep monitoring even when the car is off. The sensor detects sudden shakes or collisions and initiates recording to capture potential incidents. This feature enhances security and ensures that the dashcam is always ready to document unforeseen events. Loop recording ensures uninterrupted recording by automatically overwriting old footage when the memory card reaches full capacity.

With built-in WiFi, the M300 seamlessly connects to the 70mai App. This feature allows users to check recordings in real time, take photos on demand, and manage settings effortlessly through the user-friendly app.

To enable parking monitoring, the purchase of the 70mai Hardwire Kit (ASIN – B08M6233MY) is mandatory. This kit supports both event-based and time-lapse parking monitoring, providing enhanced security for your parked vehicle.

The device also features an optional suction mount that makes it easy to remove and attach between different vehicles. The mount uses durable POM and ABS plastics. The suction cup utilizes PVC material.

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5. Qubo Dash Cam Pro

Qubo Dash Cam Pro is also a feature-packed and reliable dash cam. This dash cam features a 2 MP CMOS sensor that promises to record records sharp, crystal-clear videos in Full HD at 1080p and 30 frames per second. Dash Cam Pro captures detailed driving statistics such as vehicle speed, average speed, compass direction, current elevation from sea level, distance covered, and total trip duration. It also has Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for stable low-light performance. It removes Unwanted pixels from images and allows it to record clear footage even during nighttime driving.

The dashcam has a 6-axis G-sensor that automatically detects sudden shakes or collisions to trigger the system to lock the footage into an ‘Event File.’. It ensures that crucial videos are protected from overwriting. The dashcam also supports Class 10 Micro SD Cards with capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256 GB. It is worth noting that Qubo recommends not to use SanDisk cards.

It also features Wi-Fi connectivity that allows direct connection to a smartphone. You can use this feature for real-time playback along with downloading, and viewing of the camera’s footage.

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6. DDPAI Mini Dash Cam

DDPAI Mini Dash Cam focuses on high-quality recording and user-friendly operation. The dashcam also offers good features to make it a notable dashcam in the entry-level segment. It is a compact dashcam that boasts a wide working temperature range from -25°C to 85°C. The dashcam has a Hisilicon Hi3516C Main Processor and a 2 MP CMOS Image sensor. The dash cam can capture crystal-clear images in Full HD 1080p at 30FPS. It also has a 140° wide-angle lens to ensure coverage of 4-6 lanes simultaneously. The dash cam also features Super Night Vision with WDR technology for enhanced low-light performance. It also features an optional 24-hour parking mode with Time Lapse recording.

The DDPAI Mini offers seamless loop recording to overwrite the oldest footage with the newest when the storage is full. It also has G-sensor that detects sudden shakes or collisions. It automatically locks the footage into an “Event File” to prevent overwriting.

Built-in high-quality Wi-Fi facilitates direct connection to smartphones. It allows real-time playback, download, and viewing of the camera’s footage without removing SD card.

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7. Hikvision Car Dash Camera

Hikvision Car Dash Camera is also a good budget-friendly dash cam for cars. It focuses on image clarity, convenient storage options, and innovative functionalities. The dashcam features a 2MP/1080P HD camera and promises to deliver crystal-clear video recordings. It features a horizontal 102° view and diagonal 122° coverage to ensure a comprehensive field of vision. The dashcam is built with 5 layers of HD glass lenses with a filter, guaranteeing sharp and vivid images. The device also ensures optimal performance even during nighttime driving.

Like other dash cams, it also has a built-in G-sensor module that supports video recording linkage in the event of a car crash or strong vibration. It ensures your critical footage is safeguarded. The dashcam also has built-in MIC and speaker capabilities for audio recording and playback.

With a built-in WIFI module, it allows seamless connectivity to your phone. users can live stream videos while traveling in the car. This Wi-Fi feature enhances user convenience and accessibility to the dashcam’s functions. The dashcam supports card storage of up to 128GB and ensures ample space for recording. The recording is automatically overwritten, providing continuous recording without storage concerns.

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Wrap Up

Investing in a dashcam is a proactive step toward ensuring your safety on the road. With various models available in the market, considering factors such as video quality, wide-angle lens, low-light performance, loop recording, impact detection, and GPS functionality will help you choose the best dashcam for your specific needs. Remember, a reliable dashcam is not just a technological accessory but a crucial tool for safeguarding your interests and promoting road safety. In this article, I have added 7 different dash cams offering good features. These dash cams are easy to install and use. Depending on your need and budget, you can select a dash cam for your car. Although there are several other high-end dash cams available in the market, I was mainly focusing on value for money, affordability, and utility. Transcend DrivePro 250 is the best option for most people. If you do not want to spend much, you can get 70mai M300 or Qubo Dash Cam Pro.

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