Reddit keyboard shortcuts


Reddit is a popular social media platform where users have discussions on different topics. The platform lets users share links, text, images, and videos. Then other users vote on the post and comment to have a discussion on the topic. The website is considered to be the 9th most visited website in the world with most users coming from the U.S. If you regularly use Reddit, you need to learn keyboard shortcuts to use the platform in a better way. Keyboard shortcuts let you perform different tasks in a faster way. Sometimes using keyboard shortcuts to perform an action is faster than using a mouse click for the same thing. It saves your time and improved productivity. Reddit also offers several keyboard shortcuts. In this article, I am listing Reddit keyboard shortcuts. Bookmark this page to learn these keyboard shortcuts and become a power Reddit user.

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Reddit keyboard shortcuts

Have a look at these Reddit keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts work across Windows, Linux, and macOS.

ActionKeyboard shortcuts
Show shortcutsshift + ?
Load next pageshift + j
Return to the topshift + k
Show parent comments for current commentshift + p
Next post or commentj
Previous postk
Next post in lightboxn
Previous post in lightboxp
Open postenter
Open/close expandox
Go to post linkl
New postc
Reply to commentr
Submit comment/postctrl + enter
Open navigationq
Collapse/expand the commententer

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