Do you really need an expensive gaming mousepad?

Gaming Mousepads

Gaming mice come are costly and cost could go up to $200 but good gaming mousepads are also not cheap. You will have to pay up to $50 for a good mousepad. If you have a good gaming mouse, it works fine on a flat surface without a gaming mousepad. So most newbies ask why one needs a good and expensive gaming mousepad? I am writing this article to clear all doubts about the gaming mousepad.

A gaming mousepad, also known as a gaming pad or mouse mat, is a type of mouse pad that is designed specifically for use with computer games. These mousepads are typically larger than standard mousepads and offer a smooth, consistent surface to ensure accurate cursor movement while gaming.

Some gaming mousepads are specifically designed for certain types of games, such as first-person shooters or real-time strategy games, and have unique features to enhance the gaming experience. One of the main features of gaming mousepads is the surface material, which can vary depending on the brand and model. Some gaming mousepads also have a textured surface which is designed to provide a better grip for the mouse,

Yes, it is true that you can use a gaming mouse without a gaming mousepad and keep playing games.  A gaming mouse will still function and track cursor movement on a standard surface such as a desk or table. But the right mousepad with mouse can make a huge difference in your performance. Mice can work on any flat surface, but mousepads provide an optimized surface for improved movement detection and better efficiency while gaming. You won’t feel much difference in mouse performance while performing regular computer tasks. But gaming needs accuracy and efficiency to bear opponents. So, mousepads become really important.

Modern mice can track on any surface, but gamers don’t need just tracking. A good gaming mousepad comes with an optimized surface to offer high-precision tracking. A gaming mousepad provides a consistent and smooth surface that ensures accurate cursor movement, this is particularly useful for fast-paced games that require quick and precise cursor movements. Some gaming mousepads have a special surface that enhances the tracking of your mouse, this can be especially beneficial for games that require high-precision cursor movement.

Gaming mousepads come with different types of surface material including cloth, plastic with rubber bottoms, aluminum, and glass. The price of mousepads depends on the kind of surface they are offering. A few mousepads also offer RGB Lighting effects that sync seamlessly with your gameplay. This further increases the cost. SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mousepad is one of the best with an optimized gaming surface and good RGB lighting.

Not one gaming mousepad is for all kinds of gamers. So, you need to know exactly what kind of mousepad you need before buying one. Some gaming mousepads come with built-in wrist rests. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or want wrist rest, look for a gaming mousepad offering wrist rest.

Some gamers prefer soft mousepads because they want smoothness and play with low sensitivity. But soft mousepads are made of cloth and require proper maintenance. A few gamers prefer hard mousepads because of their sleekness. Hard mousepads are also easy to maintain.

Mousepads also come in different sizes. You will see sizes like S, M, L, XL, and XXL written in the specs sheet. Depending on the kind of gaming you do, you need to understand what kind of mousepad size sites you.

Some companies also sell game-specific mousepads like mousepads with PUBG or CS Go printed on it. This types of mousepads are for fans and of course, it increases the price a bit due to the royalty cost added to it.

Gaming mousepads have seen a lot of improvements recently. Some gaming mousepads also come with USB ports alongside the RGB lighting. Corsair went a step ahead by launching Corsair MM1000 Qi. This is a good mousepad for gamers and also features Qi charging. So, you can charge devices that support Qi wireless charging.

Wrap up

Good gaming Mousepads come in different price segments but of course, they are not cheap. You can find mousepads costing just $10 or $12 but always go with a good one from a trusted brand. Mousepads shouldn’t just be large but should also offer an optimized surface. You don’t need an expensive mousepad, but you need a good one that won’t come cheap. Mousepad surface affects pricing. If you opt for features like RGB lighting, charging ports, or wireless charging, you will have to pay higher. Wireless charging and RGB lighting are extra features. If you do not want to spend much, you can ignore these features but never compromise with surface quality.

Here is a list of some recommended mousepads.

Featured Image: SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mousepad

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