Quillbot’s Free AI Detector to detect AI written content

QuillBot Free Ai Detector

Quillbot is a popular paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rewrite and paraphrase text. However, it also offers several other tools such as a free Grammar Checker, Text Summarizer, Translator, and Free AI Detector. The AI Detector tool is really important in the era where ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Copilots-like tools can write text. AI detector tool can identify and recognize patterns in text to confirm if the text was written using an AI tool. Publications can use an AI content detector tool to find if the submitted content was written by a human author or was drafted using an AI tool. Schools and colleges can also use AI content detectors to find out if assignments were written by students or AI tools.

As a blogger who also accepts guest posts, this tool turned out to be a life savior for me. It helps me understand if the contributors are submitting original articles or AI content.

QuillBot’s AI Content Detector is easy to use. It provides two Text Areas. Paste the content on the left Text Area and click the Analyze text button. After a few seconds, the tool provides results. The result comes in percentage to confirm how much content was written using the AI tool. If the content was purely written by an AI tool, it will say 100%.

This tool uses text patterns to detect AI content. QuillBot claims it has trained its AI content detector with advanced algorithms to identify repeated words, unnatural flow, and awkward phrases. These things are the key indicators for AI-generated content.

If the text is written by a human, it will show you a 0% result confirming the whole text was written by a human.

However, this tool is not always accurate. Sometimes, It detects AI content in the text that I wrote. For example, in the first paragraph of this article. I checked it with QuillBot’s AI detector and found 44% AI content in that. But I wrote the whole paragraph without using any AI tool even for a single line. Maybe I should improve my writing. But these cases are rare.

Overall, this tool helps me a lot and saves my efforts. This is the reason I also recommend Quillbot’s Free AI Detector to everyone who deals with the content.

This tool limits the text to 1200 words. If the content you want to check is more than 1200 words, you will have to test it in parts. I am not sure why the company added this limit.

Quillbot’s AI content detector tool is completely free. The best thing about this AI content detector is that there are no limits on a number of checks you can perform daily or monthly. You can use this tool for as many times as you want. Another limitation is that QuillBot’s AI content detector is only available in English.

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