Brave recorded 50 million active users in 2021

Brave Search Engine

Privacy-focused web browser Brave saw huge growth in 2021. It also reached 50 million monthly active users last year with 2.2x year-on-year growth.

Brave is based on Chromium, so comes with all the features that are available in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The USP of Brave browser is its do not track policy. It neither tracks your data nor shares your data with third-party companies like Google or Microsoft.

Brave reached 50 million active users from 24 million in a year. It also saw more than 15.5 million daily active users.

“Passing 50 million users is a tremendous milestone for our company. It is also a powerful confirmation of the global movement underway led by users seeking alternatives to the surveillance economy,” said Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave in a blog post.

This massive growth also helped Brave’s ad platform where users earn BAT by opting in to view privacy-preserving Brave Ads. The ads revenue has also grown 4x over the past 12 months. The company confirmed that over r 8 million users earn BAT via Brave Rewards.

Back in June, Brave also introduced its privacy-focused search engine in beta. This search engine uses its own indexing and handles queries. That means your searches won’t be shared with any other company.

Now people are more concerned about privacy and online tracking. This is the reason Brave, DuckDuckGo, and VPNs are getting popular among internet users across the globe. Brave’s growth in 2021 shows that the company will enjoy good days in 2022.

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