Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with fingerprint sensor at rear panel


Today, we got another interesting rumor about upcoming Galaxy S8. As per the new rumor, Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The primary reason for this decision is that the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display has proven inaccurate. So, there is a need of dedicated sensor. As Samsung already planned to ditch home button, only back panel is suitable for the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will use most of the area of the front panel as the display. So it initially planned fingerprint sensor on embedded in the display. Earlier this week, Synaptics (a Samsung component supplier) announced industry-first optical fingerprint scanner that also supported Samsung’s rumored move.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will also feature Iris sensor similar to Note 7. The Galaxy S8′s iris recognition sensor will be faster than the one Samsung used in Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung’s next flagship phones will be coming at Mobile World Congress in February, and we are just a couple of months from the unveiling. Over the next few weeks, we will see few more leaks, and images.

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source: Naver (translated) via SamMobile

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