Angry Birds added new levels ‘Year of the Dragon’ for Android

Rovio is set to push an update on Angry Birds just before the Chinese new year which is called Year of the Dragon. But not a lot of information is known about this episode this time.

Year of the DragonThe most popular mobile game Angry Birds has received another update on this Chinese new year. This update will add new episodes ‘Year of the Dragon’ which is set to arrive on 20 January just three days before the Chinese New year which is celebrated on 23rd January .

Rovio, company behind the Angry Birds, said that the new trailer of ‘Year of the Dragon’ is already being popular among its fans. But they did not disclosed anything about the game.

Company is also planning to push this update on all other popular mobile platforms including iOS and BlackBerry PlayBook. But this time the update is only for Android devices. We can also expect the update for Chrome version of the game.

This episode is the second Chinese-specific episode, the first being Mooncake Festival.

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