Netflix releases Gaming Controller app on App Store

Netflix Gaming Controller app

Netflix has released a new Gaming Controller app for iPhone and iPad. The app brings a virtual game controller on your phone for playing games. The app lets users play supported Netflix gaming titles on their TV by pairing their iPhone or iPad.

Netflix Gaming Controller app offers a touch interface for gaming. It has a directional stick on the left side and A-B-X-Y buttons on the right. For now, the app is only available for iOS and iPadOS. There is no information on when the app could be available for Android.

This Gaming Controller app hints at the launch of Netflix games for smart TVs. The company could release existing mobile games for smart TVs or launch a few new games to enjoy on big screen.

Netflix now offers more than 50 games with no ads or in-app purchases. You only need to have an active Netflix subscription. Netflix is serious about gaming and already has a clear roadmap to expand into the gaming segment. The primary aim of the company is to target casual gamers who occasionally play games. The company has previously clarified that it doesn’t want to compete against PlayStation or Xbox.

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