Jio launches JioGames Watch streaming platform

JioGames Watch

Reliance Jio has introduced a new game streaming platform JioGames Watch. This platform is to offer all kinds of gaming material, including live gameplay and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming.

JioGames is already a known platform offering an online gaming space where users can Olay online games, tournaments, and esports. JioGames Watch is currently being launched as a feature of JioGames.

JioGames Watch will be available on Jio Set-top-box and on smartphones including Android and iOS. Users will be able to watch game streaming and gameplay. They can subscribe to any stream from creators they like.

The company claims that the platform will empower and enable creators to go live and reach millions of visitors. The platform also includes several engagement tools such as polls and emotes to help creators remain ahead of the competition.

Creators can use this platform to stream high-definition game play without any lag. The platform also offers resources including FAQs and ad guides on how to go live and use this platform.

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