Zomato Rolls Out Food Delivery On Bicycles In 12 Cities

Zomato Rolls Out Delivery On Bicycles

Food delivery and restaurant-discovery platform Zomato has rolled out food delivery on Bicycles. Zomato executives will be using mechanical and electric bikes for short distance food delivery.

At present, the company has over 5,000 cyclists operating across 12 cities in India for food delivery. Majority of the fleet are on Deli NCR. The company also aims to convert 40% of the fleet to power-assisted bikes by 2021.

For rolling out Bicycles delivery, the company has partnered with Mobycy, e-HIRAN, TNT, Yulu and PEDL to provide e-cycles. The bicycles will be allotted for shorter order distance – an average of 2.5 km to ensure faster delivery. The company also says that executives riding bicycles would have an ergonomic delivery bag.

Zomato claims that they carry out close to a million deliveries a day and it translates to 4.4 million . The company believes that the use of bicycles will be more efficient. It will also train the delivery partners on road safety norms at the Zomato Rider University.

Food delivery via bicycles addresses several issues at the same time. It will help in reducing environmental damage, tackle traffic, and parking issues. It will also lead to faster delivery in many cases.

Zomato is already working on Drone delivery. It also acquired Lucknow-based TechEagle Innovations, which works exclusively on drones. It shows that the company is now considering multiple kinds of delivery options.

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