Opera 50 Gets Crypto Mining Protection


Many websites with good traffic have started using web-based crypto miners. Last week, it was reported that notorious pirated content hosting website Songs.pk is also mining cryptocurrencies on its visitors’ system.

When you visit a website that is mining cryptocurrencies, it starts using your device’s processing power to mine and earn cryptocurrencies without asking you. It increases CPU load to up to 100% and affects the performance of your system.

The worst thing about web-based mining is that sometimes sites retain the mining operation even when you exit the site. It is also difficult to spot.

Opera has taken this seriously and added a Crypto Mining Protection tool in latest Opera 50 Beta RC. You can find NoCoin by following the path Settings > Basic > Block ads. Turn this feature on and it will block all the web-based mining scripts to keep your system safe.

In case you do not use Opera and do not want to switch, you can use the available Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons for the blocking crypto mining on your browser. By installing extension or add-on, you can block web-based miners to keep your system safe.

After Opera has added this option, I expect Google and Mozilla to also consider the same in coming updates. It is unethical to use visitor’s system power without getting permission to do so.


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