Evofox Elite Play Review: Wireless controller for smartphones, Android TV and PS4

Evofox Elite Play Review
Evofox Elite Play Review


Evofox is the gaming brand of the popular PC accessories company Amkette. Evofox also sells Evofox Elite Play wireless controllers for gaming. This gaming controller supports PS4, Android, and iOS devices. I recently started using the Evofox Elite Play game controller to play games on my smartphones and Android TV. In this article, I will provide you with a detailed review of Evofox Elite Play. If you are looking to buy a game controller, you will get an idea if you should buy Evofox Elite Play or not.

Evofox Elite Play has the same design we see in other controllers. It comes in two colors: Blue and Red. I have the red color model. The controller has a curved design that makes it easy to hold and it provides a proper grip. It is easy to hold and you can play games for hours without any discomfort. The overall build quality of the controller feels really good.

Evofox Elite Play

It has two trigger buttons and two bumpers on the left and right shoulders. There are four action buttons and a D-Pad. All these buttons are comfortable and tactile. Left and Right analog sticks are also responsive. Between, analog sticks, there is a Home button. At the top, there’s a TouchPad with the Evofox logo on it. The touchpad also has an LED light bar at the top. On the left side of the Touchpad, it has a Share button and an Options button is on the right of the Touchpad. At the top side of the controller, there is another LED light and a micro USB port for charging. On the base side, it has an EXT port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It has a built-in speaker to give you an immersive gaming experience by offering should through the controller rather than TV or Phone speakers. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack to attach headphones directly to the controller. The in-built speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack works only if you are using the controller with PS4.

Evofox Elite Play is compatible with PlayStation 4, Android, Android TV, and iOS. I have also tried it with FireStick and it works well. You just need to pair the controller with the device, have a look at control options, and then you are ready to play games.

With Bluetooth 5, it pairs with your smartphone or PS4 gaming console. There’s an easy way to pair the controller. Just press the home key for 2 seconds to put the controller in pairing mode. If you press the home button, it turns on and connects to the last paired device. I also didn’t feel any lag or latency issues. Controls work instantly. So, you will get a good gaming experience. The device also features a 6 Axis Gyroscope.

Evofox Elite Play also supports dual rumble vibration to offer a more realistic gaming experience. This works only with the PS4 family.

Evofox Elite Play packs a 600 mAh battery that takes little more than 2 hours in charging. Once fully charged, the controller offers around 9 hours of gaming. So, I am impressed with the battery backup as well.

Evofox Elite Play is a good game controller for PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS devices. Some of the features are exclusive to PlayStation 4, but it works well on Android and iOS smartphones. If you are looking for a cheaper wireless controller for your PlayStation 4 without compromising the gameplay experience, Evofox Elite Play can be a good option. If you play games on a smartphone and want a good controller, Evofox Elite Play can be a good choice. You just need to put your phone on a stand, pair the controller and start playing games. I tried it with both Android and iOS devices. I even tried it with Android TV. It works flawlessly.


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Evofox Elite Play

7.3 Score

"Evofox Elite Play is a good game controller for PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS devices. Some of the features are exclusive to PlayStation 4, but it works well on Android and iOS smartphones."

The Good

  • Good design
  • Nice performance
  • Good battery

The Bad

  • Some features work only on PS4


  • Design 10%
  • Features 80%
  • Performacne 80%
  • Battery 90%
  • Value for money 75%