Transcend DrivePro Body 10 Review

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Transcend DrivePro Body 10 is a good device for security professionals, police officers and other professionals who need a lightweight small portable camera. I used this device for few days and found it a good thing security persons can have. It is solid in design and works excellent. Read this review to know more about this device.


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The design of Transcend DrivePro Body 10 is solid. At front side, it has the camera located on the top side of front panel. It has 4 Infrared LED lights around it. At 1 side of the camera, it has the microphone and on another side, it has a notification light.

Below the camera sensor, it has the large power button and a small button below it.

At the back side, it has a large clip. Use this clip to fit it in your pocket or on any other part of clothes. The clip can be also rotated to adjust the camera.  At the below side, it has two slots. One is microSD card slot and other is micro USB port for charging.

Here, comes the best thing about its design. It is shockproof and water-resistant. So, it can be used in most of the conditions.

Note: It is a proud compliant to the rigorous drop-test standards of the U.S. military.

While clipping it in my shirt, I dropped it for about 4.5 feets and found no damage on the body or camera glass. The season is rainy here and I also tried walking with this camera in the rain and it did survive with no issues.

Size is large and it is bit heavy. But it was the necessity for making it this much of solid.


It has 160-degree wide viewing angles, f/2.8 aperture lens and full HD 1080p (at 30fps) video recording capability. It also has infrared LEDs that automatically turned on in low light conditions. So, you can also use it in low-light to capture videos and photos.


I used High Endurance microSD with this camera. As I already reviewed that microSD card, you should read the review to know why I used it with this DrivePro. This camera also comes with a preinstalled memory card. So, you will not have to buy it separately.

Once you press the power button for few seconds, it starts recording and notification light starts blinking. The Smaller button below the power button can be used to capture photos.

Video recording quality and photo quality both are very good. Photos and videos both have fish eye effect and colors are faded. But, it is not designed for movie recording, so colors are not as important as footage. In low-light, its LED automatically activates to capture the video and photo.

All photos and videos in the card are stored in a secured manner. To access the data, you need to install DrivePro Body Toolbox. The only drawback is the compatibility. This software is only available for Windows. So, accessing data on Mac is not possible.

Videos are saved in multiple clips of size 3 minutes. Timestamp watermark can also be found in each photo and video. Before you think about the reason to save data in multiple clips, I want to make clear its benefit. It is easier for the camera to save videos in smaller clips and prevent overheating and lagging. Longer clip recordings result in heating.

It also records sound, but that is audible only if the sound source is near.

These are few photo samples


It is packed with 1530 mAh battery that claims to record up to 3.5 hours once it is fully charged. And it does deliver similar battery performance. If you are using it in low-light when it needs Infrared LEDs, it will consume the lot more battery.

It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes in fully charging it with the charger provided within the box.


The Review

Transcend DrivePro Body 10

8 Score

"Transcend DrivePro Body 10 is a good product for security persons to monitor the things around. As product quality is excellent, it is perfect for all kind of conditions."

The Good

  • Solid Build
  • Water and dustproof
  • Infrared LED lights
  • Secure access with softwar provided

The Bad

  • Software is only available for Windows


  • Design 85%
  • Usability 80%
  • Battery 75%
  • Value for money 60%