HyperX Cloud Stinger Review – A Comfortable Budget Gaming Headset

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HyperX is a well-known company behind gaming headsets and other accessories. HyperX has a range of gaming headsets and in this article, I am posting my review of HyperX Cloud Stinger. This is the entry level gaming headset priced at Rs. 3900.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger is a wired headset that looks attractive with its Black design. It has large ear cups with red HyperX logo on each. It has scratchy plastic but looks like a high-end piece of kit from a distance. The build is solid and strong, but I still do not recommend you to intentionally drop it. The build looks good, but it could have been better.

The headband has HyperX text engraved on it. It also has padding underneath to give you comfort. The headband is also stretchable to fit any size of the head.

The earcups of the headset can be rotated to 90 degrees. They also have the decent amount of faux leather-coated foam. It has a large noise-cancelling microphone attached to the left ear cup of the headphone. It offers flexibility but you can not detach it. There is no button to mute the microphone, but it automatically mutes when you flip it up. The right earcup has the slider to increase and decrease the volume.

The best thing is that earcups can easily cover your ears and never put any extra pressure. Even if you wear glasses, you will find it comfortable.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The headset cable is around 4 feet long and is attached to the left earcup. The other end of the cable has a single four-pole 3.5mm plug. HyperX also includes a five-foot extension cable that splits it into two three-pole 3.5mm plugs to use with computers and notebooks that have separate inputs for headphone and microphone.

Considering the size of the headset, it is light in weight and weighs just 275 grams.

The design of the headset is well balanced and it never irritates you even if you use it for the longer time. It is comfortable and suitable for the long gaming session.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Audio Quality

Considering the price, the sound quality of the headset is good. It is a gaming headset, so expecting excellent music experience for listening to songs will not be good. But it plays music fairly well. It also handles bass tracks. The music is clear and does not distort even at maximum volumes. You will surely love the audio clarity.

For gaming, this headset performs well. I played few PC games wearing this headset. The sound was clear to give you the idea of footsteps and firing around you. I generally play first-person shooter games and used this headset for longer time comfortably.

The microphone also works well and you can have a voice conversation with teammates. The noise cancellation works fine, doesn’t completely remove the background noise. You can still fix this background noise using the software if you are using it to record podcast or songs you sing.

Final Words

For the price of Rs. 3900, this is a value for money headset. While the design is not very strong, but it is comfortable and looks premium and solid. The audio quality is also good. If you are looking for an entry level headset for gaming, HyperX Cloud Stinger can be your choice.


The Review

HyperX Cloud Stinger

8 Score

"HyperX Cloud Stinger is a budget gaming headset to give you good audio quality and comfortable experience. At this price, it is a value for money wired headset."

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Good audio quality

The Bad

  • Unimpressive mic


  • Design 70%
  • Audio Quality 80%
  • Microphone 65%
  • Value for money 85%