Elari NanoPhone C Review: A unique device to combat smartphone addiction

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A few months back, I wrote about smallest GSM phone Elari NanoPhone C. The phone is now available in India from a unique shopping website Yerha.com. I tested this phone for few days and here is my review of this phone.

The phone comes for Rs. 3490 and you can buy it from Yerha.com.

Up to 80% off Refurbished Mobiles

Up to 80% off Refurbished Mobiles

Elari NanoPhone C is a feature phone with limited features. It allows you to make/receive calls, send/receive messages, enjoy music and listen to Radio. There is no smart feature and Internet connectivity. If you want a peaceful time with no interruption of notification and apps, this phone can help. Before I talk about its features, let me talk about the design.

This phone is even smaller than the remote of my Speaker system or Apple TV remote. The weight of this phone is just 30 grams. The dimensions of the phone measure 94.4 x 35.85 x 7.6 mm. It has a 1-inch TFT Display and T9 Keypad. The top edge has a micro USB port and rope port. At the base side, it has mic, headphone port, microSIM slot and microSD card slot.

It comes in rose gold, black anthracite, and platinum silver color options. I have the rose gold color variant and it looks very attractive. You don’t need to worry about scratches and accidental falls. It survives easily.

This phone allows you to save up to 1000 contacts in the phonebook. It supports Single micro sim. Insert a card and start using it. The call quality is good.

This phone has a smart pairing option. So, you can pair it with your Android or iOS phone and sync your contacts, call logs, and messages. You can also make calls from this phone and call will be dialed from your Android or iOS phone over Bluetooth. In the same way, you can receive calls and reply to messages.

So, you can either use it as a stand-alone phone or as a companion to your smartphone. I used it as both. So. you will be asked to call locally or via Bluetooth connected phone. You can also access local contact or contacts saved on your smartphone.

This phone is also capable of playing songs of your smartphone over Bluetooth. The sound is also loud enough considering its tiny size. Not just local songs of my smartphone, it was also capable of using music streaming apps. You can also go to next or previous songs similar. This control was similar to what you get on Bluetooth headsets.

But I don’t see this feature as an advantage. What is the point of draining the battery of two devices when NanoPhone C can save songs in up to 32 GB of microSD card? Keep songs here and enjoy. This is useful only when you want to enjoy streaming music without keeping your smartphone in your hand and you have no Bluetooth headset.

There is also a feature ‘Magic Voice’ that allows you to make calls with a fake voice. I tested that and It really changed the voice to make it impossible to identify the caller just by voice. You can make prank calls to irritate your friends. No, don’t misuse this phone, please.

Elari Nano Phone C

This phone also offers a sound recorder and call recorder. But these features will only work if you add a microSD card in this phone. It is because the internal storage of this phone is only for contact and messages.

The primary drawback of this phone is 280 mAh battery that is much lesser than other feature phones in the market.  It offers around 3 days of battery life and usage of a day or less depending on your usage. The talk time is also around 3 hours. It also charges in short period of time.

This phone is interesting and can be your secondary phone. But this phone is not for masses and for those who are willing to invest in a unique device.

Elari wants you to keep this phone and combat your smartphone addiction and you can do that by pairing it with the phone. You will receive all calls and messages but will stay away from notifications and apps. So, the purpose of this phone is not giving you another feature phone but a way to reduce your smartphone addiction.

I even experimented by putting my smartphone in the bag and using NanoPhone C for calls. I had lots of time to keep me productive as I was not scrolling to my Instagram and Facebook feed to see the same stories again and again in search of new updates.

Final Word

As I already said, this phone is not the replacement of a feature phone even if it is the one. If you were looking to buy a feature phone, go with that because this has much lesser battery life than that. NanoPhone C can be best used as a companion to your smartphone and as a secondary device that easily gets the attention of people.

At this price, you can get a better feature phone as a daily driver.  Nokia 3310 (2017 edition) features a bigger 1200mAh battery. So, think whether you want to try this or a feature phone with larger battery life.

If you have anything to ask, to leave a comment.


The Review

Elari NanoPhone C

7.5 Score

"A unique phone that helps you in focusing on your work rather than wasting your time in scrolling same social media feeds again and again."

The Good

  • Tiny but beautiful design
  • Unique features

The Bad

  • Average battery backup


  • Design 75%
  • Features 80%
  • Sound 75%
  • Battery 60%
  • Value for money 60%