AnyDesk Confirms System Breach, Urges Users to Update Software and Change Passwords


AnyDesk, a leading remote desktop service provider, has officially acknowledged a cyberattack on its systems. The company detected “indications of an incident” within its systems that led to a subsequent investigation. The investigation revealed a compromise in its production systems.

While AnyDesk did not disclose the identity or motives of the attackers, it clarified that the incident was not related to ransomware. To enhance its infrastructure’s security, the remote access provider took swift action by revoking all security-related certificates and replacing or remediating compromised systems. The company is actively working on replacing revoked certificates with new ones.

Despite the breach, AnyDesk assured its user base that their safety remains a top priority. It also emphasizes that its systems are designed not to store exploitable information such as private keys, security tokens, or passwords that could be used to access end-user devices.

“We can confirm that the situation is under control and it is safe to use AnyDesk. Please ensure that you are using the latest version, with the new code signing certificate,” AnyDesk said in a statement.

As a precautionary measure, AnyDesk has revoked all passwords to its web portal,, and strongly recommended that users change their passwords, particularly if they are using identical credentials elsewhere. Users are also urged to switch to the latest version of the software.

AnyDesk has asserted that there is currently no evidence of end-user devices being affected and that the platform remains secure for use.

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