10 Best Icon Packs to Customize Android Phone

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Ability to customize your phone is the most important thing I like on an Android phone. You can personalize phone by adding wallpaper, themes, fonts, icons, transition effects and more. There are lots of Android launchers, lock screen replacements, widgets, and icons to try. This article is about the icons.

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In this article, I am listing best icon packs to download and customize your phone. Most of these icon packs require you to download and install a launcher before you download the icon. It is because the launcher gives you the ability to change the icons. Some icons pack just come with an app to allow the customization. And the good thing is that you do not need to root your phone to enjoy any of these icons pack. So, without wasting the time, let’s see the list of best icon packs for Android.

Best icon packs for Android Phone

1. Adastra

Adastra icons pack for Android

Adastra is a popular icon pack that brings colorful 1180 icons of HD quality. The icons are optimized for XXXHDPI screens and you will never see any loss in quality in any screen size. It even works on older version of Androids and requires Android Gingerbread or higher.

It supports a wide range of launchers including Holo, Smart Launcher, Action, Nova, Go, Apex, Aviate, and ADW. The icon pack is free to download.

Download from Google Play Store

2. Bleach Icons

Bleach Icons

Bleach Icons pack comes with nearly 1500 icons and you can request more if you need. It is perfect for pastel wallpapers. This icon pack also offers 20 different wallpapers that are best matched with the icons. It supports Smart, Apex, Nova, Go, ADW, Aviate and CyanogenMod Theme Engine.

It is also freely available on Google Play.

Download from Google Play Store

3. Voxel

Voxel icons pack for Android

Voxel icons have bright colors with shadows to look beautiful. You get more than 1900 icons to arrange on your home screen. These icons pack are also backed with dozens of wallpapers. You can also request for icons. Like other icon packs, this icon pack also support Apex, Nova, Smart, ADW, Go, Holo, Aviate, Action, KitKat and more launchers.

Download from Google Play Store


VNYL icons

VNYL icons are for music lovers. These are designed to resemble vinyl records and comes with special shadow effect. This icons pack for Android come with more than 2400 icons. This icon pack also supports most of the popular Android launchers.

Download from Google Play Store

5. Silhouette

Silhouette icons pack for android

Silhouette icons are colorful with outlines and shadow to look different. This artistic icon pack is for those who need colorful icons to make an impact. There are over 800 icons to try. Silhouette also comes with its own dashboard app to apply icons on your phone. So, you do not need any launcher app. From the dashboard app, you can manage your icons and even request for new icons.

Download from Google Play Store

6. Subtle Icons

Subtle Icons

Subtle Icons are subtle in sense. Few people may find these icons boring but they are not. This pack comes with 1350 icons and few HD wallpapers. It supports Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, and ADW launcher.

Download from Google Play Store

7. CandyCons

CandyCons icons pack android

CandyCons come with 690 carefully crafted icons. These icons are colorful and come in different shape. Some icons even have the alternative to choose. This icons pack supports 27 popular Android Launchers including ADW, Apex, Go, Holo, Epic, Aviate, Atom, KitKat and CyanogenMod Theme Engine.

Download from Google Play Store

8. Glim Icons

Glim Icons

Glim Icons pack offers Material Design-inspired icon set. If you like flat design, you will love these 1500+ free icons. There are few high-quality wallpapers as well. There is also an option to purchase 20000 alternative icons to give you phone a better customization.

This icons pack support wide range of Android Launchers including Apex, Go, Holo, KitKat, Nova, ADW and more.

Download from Google Play Store

9. Gel Icons

Gel Icons

Gel Icons pack offer just white icons. As the icons come with a transparent background, it works fine on both dark and light background. These icons are simple, round and look minimalist onto your Android home screen. There are 1000 icons in this icon pack. This icon pack also support a wide range of Android launchers including Smart, Nova, Apex, Aviate, Action, Holo and more.

Download from Google Play Store

10. Stamped Black

Stamped Black

Stamped Black icons pack come with black icons. It looks awesome on white wallpapers and theme. This icons pack come with 1000 icons in two different styles. It is officially tested on Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW, Go, Action, and Lightning Launcher. It may also work on other launchers, so do not forget to try.

Download from Google Play Store

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Final Words

Android has lots of other icons pack on Google Play Store. If you are not satisfied with icons, I added in this list, you can look for others on Google Play Store and see if you get any good icon other. If you use any beautiful icons pack that I didn’t mention in this list, do not forget to mention that in the comment.


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