5 Tips to Save Battery on Android

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The modern smartphones are very powerful devices and are being constantly developed to reach new heights. However, there hasn’t been much progress when it comes to increasing the longevity of the battery life. Sure, the battery capacity on modern android devices is progressively increasing but a 5,000 mAh lithium Battery can last only 2 days on medium to high usage.

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5 Tips to Save Battery on Android

Fret not, for we have few tips and tricks to extend your Android device’s battery life.

1. Use Dark Wallpaper and Ditch Live Wallpapers:

If your phone has an AMOLED screen, you can save the Battery by using Dark Coloured Wallpapers.  The AMOLED Screens light up only the colored pixels, Dark pixels are either unlit or less power is required to light them up. Most of the Samsung devices use AMOLED Screen and if you own one, this trick can come in handy.

However, if you have an android device with a regular display, you can save battery by using normal wallpapers instead of live wallpapers. The live wallpapers consume more power as they use more animations.

2. Use Battery Saver:

Not the third party apps but the Battery Saver features which comes with your Android. Turn on this feature in your Android’s setting and you will definitely notice the difference. Your phone’s performance and brightness will be limited, prolonging the battery life.

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You either turn this feature on manually or set it to turn on automatically when your device is below 15% of charge.

3. Greenify your device:

There are many shady apps out there that promise to save your battery but end up filling bloatware on your device. However, Greenify is an app that actually delivers what it promises. This app puts the unused background apps into ‘Hibernation’ and prevents them from hogging up memory and battery.

However, to use Greenify to its full potential, your device needs to be rooted. Though it can work without root, you get better results on a rooted device.

4. Automate your Smartphone:

Automating your smartphone to carry out certain tasks without your interaction is incredibly smart and power-efficient. Apps such as IFTTT and Tasker are probably the best out there to automate your device.  IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’. After the initial setup, the app is ready to the work for you. For instance, you can set your device to Turn off wifi automatically when you leave your office and turn it back on when you reach home, or turn on the airplane mode automatically during your sleeping hours and turn it back off when you wake up. There are tons of things you could do with this app and can greatly increase the battery life.

Tasker is a similar app but provides greater controls and precise actions. However, you’d require basic programming knowledge to use this app as it can be pretty intimidating the first time you use it. Once you are past that, there are tons of things you could do with your smartphone. Tasker is more effective if you have a rooted device.

5. Smart use of Apps and Internet:

You can check which app is hogging up the battery in your Android’s battery settings and can use a lite version of the said app if available. For instance, the Facebook app is known for its humongous size, RAM and Battery consuming nature; you can replace this app with the Lite version or better yet use the Browser version. Selecting the best available alternative is the key to saving your battery.

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Also, turning off the network connections such as WiFi and GPS can go a long way in saving your battery. Always choose WiFi over Cellular Network, as it consumes less power comparatively. Turning off Auto Sync and unnecessary notifications are helpful as well.

Final Words

There are many different small things you can do to save battery juice. You also need to stop using your phone unnecessarily. Many people have the habit to take the phone, unlock it, swipe left or right and then lock back. You should avoid using your phone when you have no intention of using the phone.

Let us know what do you do to improve the battery life.


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