Know what Facebook sees in your Photos

Know what Facebook sees in your PhotosWhen you upload photos on your Facebook account, Facebook deeply scans it to find the actual content of the photo. It tried to determine the objects, scenes and people inside the photo. Even if you do not add any description in the photo, Facebook can still determine what the picture is all about. They internally use this data to make the picture more accessible and target ads around that photo.

Facebook can detect most of the things including a number of people, objects, scenes and more. Facebook also adds these things in the ALT tag of the image. It is also called Facebook Computer Vision Tags. If you are curious to know what information Facebook recognizes in a photo, you can easily see it.

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Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the photo on the Facebook.

Step 2: Right-click on it and choose ’Inspect’ from the menu. It opens developer console.

Know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

Step 3: Look at the alt attribute of the image tag and see the description. In the photo, it recognizes “3 people, people stilling and outdoor”.

Know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

If you still feel following the steps hard, you can use the Google Chrome extension for it. This browser extension does the same thing and reveals the same text to tell you what Facebook recognizes in a photo. The extension is available from the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-ons site.

The Facebook algorithm is accurate and it hardly fails to recognize anything. I never found any wrong recognition of the object, people count or anything.

Final Words

This is just a small example how Facebook uses our data and classify it for multiple purposes. It knows what we like, what we eat, where website we visit and more. Facebook uses this data to target more relevant ads and earn huge money.


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