Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp Cleans Junk WhatsApp Photos In One Tap

Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp

We all use WhatsApp to stay connected with our friends and relatives. But, there is an issue with it. Due to daily incoming photos, it consumes too much space on our mobile phones. We have friends and relatives who forward us the motivational quote, meme, blessings and nature related photos. To avoid notifications, we can mute chat but these photos will still be downloaded automatically and take up space. This creates trouble and we have to spend time in deleting these spam photos.

Deleting photos manually take time. To save your time, an Indian startup ‘Siftr’ has released an intelligent Android app ’Magic Cleaner’. It helps you get rid of all junk photos from your Whatsapp and free up space.

Magic Cleaner scans your photo gallery and detects all junk images including screenshots, memes, cartoons, quotes, video screen grabs and similar kind of junk photos. You can then delete all these photos in just one tap.

If you want to use it, install the app on your phone. Whenever you want to clean the photos, just open the app and allow it to scan your photos. In few seconds to few minutes, depending on the size of your gallery, it will show you possible junk images. Good thing is that it also shows you the list and gives you the option to unselect the photos which you do not want to delete. Once you are ready to delete, just tap on the floating trash icon and delete photos in bulk.

This app is freely available but you can only delete limited number of photos in one go. If you want to delete more photos, you need to either invite a friend or wait for a day.

This photo uses your Internet connection to send photos to its own server for analysis. So, avoid using it while you are on data connection and use only if you are using Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you will end up increasing your phone bill. To avoid any issue, you can go to settings and set to send images for analysis only if you are on Wi-Fi.

Final Words

This app is really helpful in cleaning junk WhatsApp photos. It is fast and effective. UI is also simple and easy to understand. You must try this app once.

Download Magic Cleaner

As of now, the app is only available for Android. But the company is working on iOS version and it will be available soon.

Try this app and let us know your views in comments.

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