5 Best Screencasting Apps For Mac

Viola Screencasting App for Mac
Viola Screencasting App for Mac

Recording the screen is the very simple way to teach something to someone. When someone is facing any problem and you know the solution, then you can show them the step by step process by just recording the screen. For this, first and foremost thing is to find best Screencasting apps. If you are a Mac user, then here are the best Screencasting apps for Mac.

5 Best Screencasting Apps For Mac

  1. Quick Cast

Quick Cast is very easy to use and is one of the best apps for Screencasting your Mac. It provides you easy options to start recording your Mac screen. After recording, you can share it with your friends using the Quick Cast URLs.

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Quick Cast Screencasting App

It also allows you to create GIFs using this recording. You can access it from status bar of your Mac and click on “Quick Record” to start the recording after 5 seconds. It is available for free of cost.

  1. Tapes: Screencast Sharing

Tapes: Screencast Sharing is used for easy screen recording and it also allows you to record certain part of the screen also. You can record the video up to 3 minutes and once the recording is done, then the URL is copied to the clipboard automatically. Then, you can share the link with everyone to access your recording. It is available for $9.99 and it is worth to but this app.

Tapes Screencast Sharing Screencasting App

  1. ScreenFlow 5

ScreenFlow 5 apart from being the best Screencasting app, is also a video editor. It provides you simple steps which when followed can record a video. You can edit it, add text to it, add annotations and can add some graphics, to make the recording attractive. It allows you to add images, transitions and music for your Screencast recording.

ScreenFlow 5 Screencasting App

All this editing is done in just few clicks and is available at $99.99 from App store. You can even customize the frame rate of your recording very easily.

  1. Viola

Viola helps you to record and take screenshots of high quality. It allows you to capture the particular part of the screen. Viola is one of the best Screencasting apps for Mac and you can make use of the tools which are used to select certain parts of screen and those parts are recorded. You can record as many video as you want and each video is captioned.

Viola Screencasting App for Mac

You can later find them with these captions and can combine these Screencasts to make the final one. It is available as trial version and the paid version will cost you $14.99.

  1. RecordIt

RecordIt allows you to create GIFs apart from just recording your Mac Screen. This is said to be the tiny app among the best Screencasting apps for Mac. It resides on the status bar of your Mac after installing it. Click on the app to launch it and start recording the screen. You can set the way you want to record the screen through settings. It is available at $29 and it is worth to buy this Screencasting app.

RecordIt Screencasting App for Mac

These are the best Screencasting apps for Mac. Have you used them before and do you have anything to add to the list? Please, do share with us through comments.