How to Disable Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger for Android

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Few months back, Facebook has launched Facebook Home, Android launcher. Facebook came with a new feature called Chat heads that allows users to view and reply to conversations while working on other apps. Facebook Home is only available for selected devices. Few days back, Facebook added chat heads to Facebook Messenger. Chat heads is nice feature for those who want each and every chat notifications instantly.

Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger for Android

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But I found it irritating for people who use their device for gaming. While playing games, if your phone is connected with wifi, you will see Facebook chat head notification above your app. It may irritate you while playing the game. Sometimes, you have to loose you chance in game because of accidentally tap on chat heads. Most of the gamers, turn off wifi and data connection to resolve this problem. But after doing this, you may miss some important notification if any and you cannot play games that need data connection.

There is an easy way to stop only chat heads in your Messenger app and enjoy gaming with data connection. Follow these steps to stop chat head notifications in Messenger app for Android device.

Open Messenger app and then open settings. Here you will see screen something like this. Tap on the first option “Notifications.”

Messenger Settings Android

Now in Notifications settings, see the last option “Chat Heads” and deselect it.

Turn off chat heads

Now you will see the messenger notifications at notification area but no chat heads. Enjoy gaming without irritating chat heads.

If you need it back, follow the same steps and turn on Chat heads.


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