Apple Introduces iOS 7

As rumored, finally Apple has announced the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7 at WWDC.

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls it “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

iOS 7 comes with a new design. This new design uses a new font that is similar to Helvetica Neue Ultra. It has a flat design with white tinged color. Default app icons are not flatter that before.

Apple has also changed the loch screen for the first time in iOS’s history. Now it does not has top or bottom bars for slide to inlock screen.

Keyboard also has a design change. It has more white color that grey shade.

Features of iOS 7

These are the main features of iOS 7.

Control Center

iOS 7 has a control center as pull-up tray that is available in lock screen. Users will be able to adjust brightness, Wifi, Auto-rotation, Bluetooth, Airplane More and few more things.


iOS 7 brings better multitasking and background processing. It will monitor all running and decides what app needs more multitasking based on its usage and frequency of use. Yo enter into the multi-tasking mode, you only need to double-tap on the home button. The multitasking interface has been revamped and offers live preview of apps.


Apple has also brought OS X’s AirDrop to iOS platform. It lets users share files with other iOS users with peer-to-peer connection. It will only work on those iOS devices which run on latest wireless chips. Airdrop supports iPhone 5, iPad 4th gen, iPad Mini


Apple has also revamped Safari with new look and feel. It looks similar to Chrome on iOS. It has new tabbed view and integration with iCloud Keychain for password management. Now you can have as many tabs as you want. Apple has added the unified search menu that was removed with iOS 3.0. It lets users to access all favorite websites with single tap.

Photos and Camera

Camera and Photo apps also received major updates. Now it is easier to manage your photos. Now it is easier to share your photos via AirDrop, iCloud photo-sharing, as well as shared Photo Streams.. It looks similar to the new Flickr design. Now you can easily search photos beased on date and location.

Camera app now lets you swipe between various camera types.


Apple has revamped SISI with new visual UI and new voice. Now you can choose a male or female voice. SIRI has also been integrated with settings so you can tell her to change settings. It also gets support for Twitter and Wikipedia.

iOS in the car

Apple is bringing iOS to the car screen. It lets you search for directions, listen to music, etc. It will come to Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Volvo, Acura and others.

New App Store

App store has a better new design. It will show popular and nearby apps. Now your apps will bet automatic updates.

Music and iTunes Radio

Apple has updated the music app and added iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio can be seen as the hybrid of Pandora and Songza. It lets users to get experience of entire 26-million title iTunes catalog. It will also allow users to customize each stations by clicking a star.

iOS 7 willl be available to developers starting today. It will hit iOS devices this fall.

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