How to Disable S Voice in Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched with a Siri like feature, S Voice. S Voice is a voice base personal assistant which is controlled by voice commands. S Voice when enables, it can be launched by double pressing home button. So system will wait when you press once on home button to check whether you will press twice or not. So going to Home page will be slower. You can make it fast by disabling S Voice.

If you want to disable this feature you can follow these steps:

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  • Go to the application list, and then tap the S Voice icon or double-tap the Home button.
  • Tap the Menu button located in the lower-left area of the phone, below the screen. A Settings option should appear. Select it.
  • Uncheck the Launch S-Voice option.
  • Now this feature is disable.

Now you will enjoy faster access to home screen after pressing home button once. As i think, S Voice must be disables because i does not work as user expects


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